As of version 1.4.0, the standalone Guix System can be installed on an i686, x86_64, ARMv7, or AArch64 machine. It uses the Linux-Libre kernel and the GNU Shepherd init system. Alternately, GNU Guix can be installed as an additional package manager on top of an installed Linux-based system.

GNU Guix System 1.4.0

USB/DVD ISO installer of the standalone Guix System.

Download options:

x86_64 i686

Signatures: x86_64 i686

Installation instructions.

GNU Guix 1.4.0 QEMU Image

QCOW2 virtual machine (VM) image.

Download options:


Signatures: x86_64

Installation instructions.

GNU Guix 1.4.0 Binary

Self-contained tarball providing binaries for Guix and its dependencies, to be installed on top of your Linux-based system.

Download options:

x86_64 i686 armhf aarch64 powerpc64le

Signatures: x86_64 i686 armhf aarch64 powerpc64le

Installation instructions.

GNU Guix 1.4.0 Source

Source code distribution.

Download options:


Signatures: tarball

Installation instructions.

Source code and binaries for the Guix System distribution ISO image as well as GNU Guix can be found on the GNU servers at Older releases can still be found on