The build farm of Guix runs on donated hardware and hosting. As the distribution grows (see the package list), so do the computing and storage needs.

Back in 2015 we ran a fundraising campaign to strengthen our build farm, with support from the Free Software Foundation (FSF). The Guix project can always use financial support to further its mission. Please consider helping out by making a donation on this FSF-hosted page:


Hardware and Hosting

We are also looking for donations of hardware and optionally hosting for the following kinds of machines (they should be usable with exclusively free software):

Please get in touch with us through the usual channels or using the private alias to discuss any opportunities.

Thanks to the donors!

The table below summarizes hardware and hosting donations that make the build farm for the Guix System Distribution a reality.

berlin.guix.gnu.orgbuild farm with 25 build nodes for x86_64-linux and i686-linux, and dedicated storage
bayfrontnew build farm front-end (WIP), fosshost2.guix.gnu.orgx86_64-linux, i686-linux, guix-x15b.sjd.searmhf-linux
  • Steve Sprang (hardware)
  • Mark H Weaver (hosting)

Other organizations and individuals helped Guix with hardware and hosting in the past and we thank them: Free Software Foundation, GNU España, FSF France, and the Free Secure Network Systems Group at the Technische Universität München.