We want to provide a warm, friendly, and harassment-free environment, so that anyone can contribute to the best of their abilities. To this end our project uses a “Contributor Covenant”, which was adapted from You can find the full pledge in the CODE-OF-CONDUCT file.

Participation to the project communication channels listed below is subject to this code of conduct.

IRC Channel (archive)

Join the #guix channel on the Libera Chat IRC network to chat with the community about GNU Guix or to get help in real-time.

Info Mailing List (archive)

Subscribe to the info-guix low-traffic mailing list to receive important announcements sent by the project maintainers (in English).

Help Mailing List (archive)
Melden Sie sich bei der „Help“-Mailingliste an, um per E-Mail gemeinschaftlichen Rat zu GNU Guix zu bekommen. Sie können Nachrichten auch auf Deutsch verfassen.
Subscribe to the Help mailing list to get support from the GNU Guix community via email. You can post messages in English though we also accept other languages.
Ekabonu la helpan dissendoliston por peti helpon de la komunumo de GNU Guix per retmesaĝo. Vi povas poŝti anglajn mesaĝojn, tamen ni akceptas ankaŭ aliajn lingvojn.
Suscríbase a esta lista de correo para obtener ayuda de la comunidad de GNU Guix a través del correo electrónico. Puede publicar mensajes en español.
Inscrivez-vous à la liste de diffusion Help pour recevoir de l'aide de la part de la communauté GNU Guix par courriel. Vous pouvez envoyer vos messages en anglais, et nous acceptons n'importe quelle autre langue.
Iratkozzon fel a „Help“ levelezőlistára, hogy segítséget kaphasson e-mailben a Guix System és a GNU Guix közösségtől. Magyarul is küldhet üzeneteket.
Iscrivetevi alla mailing list 'Help' per essere aiutati da altri utenti di Guix e Guix System. Potete scrivere sulla mailing list anche in italiano.
メールでGNU GuixとGuix Systemのコミュニティからサポートを受けるには、 「Help」のメーリングリストに登録してください。 メッセージ内容は日本語でも問題ございませんが、多言語でも受け付けております。
도움 메일링 리스트를 구독하여 GNU Guix 공동체로부터 이메일로 도움을 받으세요. 다른 언어로도 메일을 받지만 가능한 한 영어로 보내주세요.
Meld deg på diskusjonslisten «Help» for å få råd og tips fra andre Guix System- og GNU Guix-brukere via e-post. Du kan legge inn meldinger på norsk.
Abonneer je op de discussielijst "Help" om hulp te vragen van de Guix System- en GNU Guix-gemeenschap. Je kunt berichten sturen in het Nederlands.
Inscreva-se na lista de email "Help" para obter suporte da comunidade do GNU Guix via email. É possível enviar mensagens em inglês, porém também aceitamos outros idiomas.
Подписывайтесь на Список рассылки помощи, чтобы получить поддержку от сообщества GNU Guix по электронной почте. Вы можете писать сообщения на английском, хотя мы также принимаем и другие языки.
Pripojte sa k elektronickej konferencii pomoci a získajte podporu prostredníctvom elektronickej pošty priamo od spoločenstva GNU Guix. Správy môžete posielať v angličtine ale prijímame správy aj v iných jazykoch.
訂閱「Help」郵件群組以電郵從Guix System及GNU Guix社群取得支援。你可以使用 正體、繁體中文發送訊息。
订阅「帮助」邮件列表, 可以通过邮件从 GNU Guix 社区获取支持。 尽管我们接受其他语言, 但是请尽量使用英文发邮件。
Bug Reporting (archive)

If you found a bug in Guix, check whether the bug is already in the bug database. If it is not, please report it.

Development Mailing List (archive)

Discussion about the development of GNU Guix. Until July 2013, the bug-Guix mailing list filled that role.

Patches Mailing List (archive)

Submission of patches. Every message sent to this mailing list leads to a new entry in our patch tracking tool. See this page for more information on how to use it; see the manual for more information on how to submit a patch. Until February 2017, the guix-devel mailing list filled that role.

Science Mailing List (archive)

Discussions about using GNU Guix for scientific purposes: reproducible research, high-performance computing (HPC), and more.

Commits Mailing List (archive)

Notifications of commits made to the Git repositories.

Security Mailing List

This is a private mailing list that anyone can post to to report security issues in Guix itself or in the packages it provides. Posting here allows Guix developers to address the problem before it is widely publicized.

Sysadmin Mailing List

Private mailing list for the build farm system administration.


Private alias to reach the maintainer collective. This should generally not be used to discuss technical issues.

GNU System Discuss Mailing List (archive)

Discussion about the development of the broader GNU system.

GNU/Linux-libre Mailing List (archive)

Workgroup for fully free GNU/Linux distributions.

GNU Info Mailing List (archive)

GNU software announcements.