GNU Guix Manual 1.4.0

Documentation for GNU Guix is available online. You may also find more information about Guix by running info guix.

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GNU Guix Manual (Latest)

This version of the manual is updated frequently to include the latest changes from Guix's source files. It is more up-to-date than the manual for the release of Guix.

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The collection of videos includes instructional material to help you get started with every day use of GNU Guix as well as other topics that present advanced features of the system.

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Tutorials, how-to guides and examples contributed by the Guix community which show you how to use the system and its collection of packages to achieve common and not-so-common goals users may have.

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GNU Manuals

Guix is a distribution of the GNU operating system. Documentation for GNU packages is available online in various formats.

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The LibrePlanet Wiki provides a collaborative space for people to share additional information about the Guix project and its subprojects. It may contain help information, feature proposals, and notes about work in progress (among other things).

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IRC Chat

For real-time support from the community, you can connect to the #guix channel on There you can get help about anything related to GNU Guix.

The #guix channel is logged. Previous conversations can be browsed online. See the channel logs.


Mailing lists

Email support from the community is also available through several mailing list. The messages sent to the lists are public and archived online.

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