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Guix comes with thousands of packages which include applications, system tools, documentation, fonts, and other digital goods readily available for installing with the GNU Guix package manager.

Graphical log-in screen

Virtual machine started with 'guix system vm'

Sway window manager running wayland

Enlightenment, Inkscape, and Cyrillic text

Xfce desktop environment

GNOME desktop environment

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Playlist: Packaging
Published Mar 28, 2020 by GNU Guix
Asking for help
Published Mar 28, 2020 by GNU Guix
Demonstration of the Guix System graphical installer
Published Apr 15, 2020 by GNU Guix
Playlist: Everyday use of GNU Guix
Published Mar 28, 2020 by GNU Guix

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GNU Guix in other GNU/Linux distros

If you don't use GNU Guix as a standalone GNU/Linux distribution, you still can use it as a package manager on top of any GNU/Linux distribution. This way, you can benefit from all its conveniences.

Guix won't interfere with the package manager that comes with your distribution. They can live together.


Write package definitions in a breeze

November 24, 2023

More than 28,000 packages are available in Guix today, not counting third-party channels. That’s a lot—the 5th largest GNU/Linux distro ! But it’s nothing if the one…

A build daemon in Guile

October 30, 2023

When using Guix, you might be aware of the daemon . It runs in the background but it's a key component in Guix. Whenever you've been using Guix to…

A new Quality Assurance tool for Guix

September 12, 2023

Maintaining and expanding Guix's collection of packages can be complicated. As a distribution with around 22,000 packages, spanning across around 7 architectures and with support for cross-compilation, it's quite common…


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