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#~exp: G-Expressions

%base-file-systems: File Systems
%base-groups: User Accounts
%base-initrd-modules: Initial RAM Disk
%base-packages: Using the Configuration System
%base-services: Using the Configuration System
%base-services: Base Services
%base-user-accounts: User Accounts
%binary-format-file-system: File Systems
%default-authorized-guix-keys: Base Services
%default-channels: Channels
%default-httpd-modules: Web Services
%default-locale-definitions: Locales
%default-nss: Name Service Switch
%default-rotations: Log Rotation
%default-theme: X Window
%default-theme-name: X Window
%desktop-services: Desktop Services
%dicod-database:gcide: Miscellaneous Services
%facebook-host-aliases: Networking Services
%fuse-control-file-system: File Systems
%immutable-store: File Systems
%mdns-host-lookup-nss: Name Service Switch
%nscd-default-caches: Base Services
%nscd-default-configuration: Base Services
%ntp-servers: Networking Services
%openntpd-servers: Networking Services
%pseudo-terminal-file-system: File Systems
%random-seed-file: Base Services
%rotated-files: Log Rotation
%setuid-programs: Setuid Programs
%shared-memory-file-system: File Systems
%shepherd-root-service: Shepherd Services
%standard-geoclue-applications: Desktop Services
%standard-phases: Build Systems
%state-monad: The Store Monad
%store-monad: The Store Monad

': Defining Packages

(gexp: G-Expressions

,: Defining Packages
,@: Defining Packages

>>=: The Store Monad

`: Defining Packages

about-filter: Version Control Services
about-filter: Version Control Services
access-controls: Printing Services
access-controls: Printing Services
access-controls: Printing Services
access-drivers: Virtualization Services
access-log: Printing Services
access-log-level: Printing Services
accountsservice-service: Desktop Services
add-text-to-store: The Store
address: Mail Services
admin-keepalive-count: Virtualization Services
admin-keepalive-interval: Virtualization Services
admin-max-client-requests: Virtualization Services
admin-max-clients: Virtualization Services
admin-max-queued-clients: Virtualization Services
admin-max-workers: Virtualization Services
admin-min-workers: Virtualization Services
admins: Messaging Services
agefile: Version Control Services
agetty-configuration: Base Services
agetty-service: Base Services
ahci-runtime-pm-on-ac?: Power Management Services
ahci-runtime-pm-on-bat?: Power Management Services
ahci-runtime-pm-timeout: Power Management Services
allow-registration?: Messaging Services
alsa-configuration: Sound Services
alsa-service-type: Sound Services
android-ndk-build-system: Build Systems
ant-build-system: Build Systems
args: Mail Services
args: Mail Services
asdf-build-system/ecl: Build Systems
asdf-build-system/sbcl: Build Systems
asdf-build-system/source: Build Systems
audit-level: Virtualization Services
audit-logging: Virtualization Services
auditd-configuration: Miscellaneous Services
auditd-service-type: Miscellaneous Services
auth-anonymous-username: Mail Services
auth-cache-negative-ttl: Mail Services
auth-cache-size: Mail Services
auth-cache-ttl: Mail Services
auth-debug-passwords?: Mail Services
auth-debug?: Mail Services
auth-default-realm: Mail Services
auth-failure-delay: Mail Services
auth-filter: Version Control Services
auth-gssapi-hostname: Mail Services
auth-krb5-keytab: Mail Services
auth-master-user-separator: Mail Services
auth-mechanisms: Mail Services
auth-realms: Mail Services
auth-socket-path: Mail Services
auth-socket-path: Mail Services
auth-ssl-require-client-cert?: Mail Services
auth-ssl-username-from-cert?: Mail Services
auth-tcp: Virtualization Services
auth-tls: Virtualization Services
auth-unix-ro: Virtualization Services
auth-unix-rw: Virtualization Services
auth-use-winbind?: Mail Services
auth-user-pass: VPN Services
auth-username-chars: Mail Services
auth-username-format: Mail Services
auth-username-translation: Mail Services
auth-verbose-passwords: Mail Services
auth-verbose?: Mail Services
auth-winbind-helper-path: Mail Services
auth-worker-max-count: Mail Services
authentication: Messaging Services
auto: Mail Services
auto-purge-jobs?: Printing Services
autossh-configuration: Networking Services
autossh-service-type: Networking Services
avahi-configuration: Networking Services
avahi-service-type: Networking Services

base: LDAP Services
base-dir: Mail Services
base-initrd: Initial RAM Disk
bay-device: Power Management Services
bay-poweroff-on-bat?: Power Management Services
binary-file: The Store Monad
bind-timelimit: LDAP Services
bind?: VPN Services
binddn: LDAP Services
bindpw: LDAP Services
bitlbee-configuration: Messaging Services
bitlbee-service-type: Messaging Services
bluetooth-service: Desktop Services
boot-service-type: Service Reference
bootloader-configuration: Bootloader Configuration
branch-sort: Version Control Services
branch-sort: Version Control Services
browse-dns-sd-sub-types: Printing Services
browse-local-protocols: Printing Services
browse-web-if?: Printing Services
browsing?: Printing Services
build-derivations: The Store
build-expression->derivation: Derivations
build-machine: Daemon Offload Setup

c2s-require-encryption?: Messaging Services
ca: VPN Services
ca: VPN Services
ca-certs: Mail Services
ca-file: Virtualization Services
cache-about-ttl: Version Control Services
cache-dir: Printing Services
cache-dynamic-ttl: Version Control Services
cache-repo-ttl: Version Control Services
cache-root: Version Control Services
cache-root-ttl: Version Control Services
cache-scanrc-ttl: Version Control Services
cache-size: Version Control Services
cache-snapshot-ttl: Version Control Services
cache-static-ttl: Version Control Services
cafile: Messaging Services
capath: Messaging Services
cargo-build-system: Build Systems
case-sensitive-sort?: Version Control Services
cat-avatar-generator-service: Web Services
cert: VPN Services
cert: VPN Services
cert-file: Virtualization Services
certbot-configuration: Certificate Services
certbot-service-type: Certificate Services
certfile: Mail Services
certificate: Messaging Services
certificate-configuration: Certificate Services
certificates: Messaging Services
cgit: Version Control Services
ciphers: Messaging Services
classification: Printing Services
classify-override?: Printing Services
client-config-dir: VPN Services
client-limit: Mail Services
client-to-client?: VPN Services
clojure-build-system: Build Systems
clone-prefix: Version Control Services
clone-url: Version Control Services
clone-url: Version Control Services
close-connection: The Store
cmake-build-system: Build Systems
colord-service-type: Desktop Services
commit-filter: Version Control Services
commit-filter: Version Control Services
commit-sort: Version Control Services
commit-sort: Version Control Services
comp-lzo?: VPN Services
comp-lzo?: VPN Services
component-interface: Messaging Services
component-ports: Messaging Services
component-secret: Messaging Services
computed-file: G-Expressions
config-file-perm: Printing Services
connman-configuration: Networking Services
connman-service-type: Networking Services
console-font-service-type: Base Services
content-hash: origin Reference
copy-build-system: Build Systems
cpu-boost-on-ac?: Power Management Services
cpu-boost-on-bat?: Power Management Services
cpu-max-perf-on-ac: Power Management Services
cpu-max-perf-on-bat: Power Management Services
cpu-min-perf-on-ac: Power Management Services
cpu-min-perf-on-bat: Power Management Services
cpu-scaling-governor-on-ac: Power Management Services
cpu-scaling-governor-on-bat: Power Management Services
cpu-scaling-max-freq-on-ac: Power Management Services
cpu-scaling-max-freq-on-bat: Power Management Services
cpu-scaling-min-freq-on-ac: Power Management Services
cpu-scaling-min-freq-on-bat: Power Management Services
crl-file: Virtualization Services
css: Version Control Services
cuirass-configuration: Continuous Integration
cuirass-service-type: Continuous Integration
cups: Printing Services
cups: Printing Services
cups-files.conf: Printing Services
cups-service-type: Printing Services
cupsd.conf: Printing Services
current-build-output-port: The Store
current-state: The Store Monad
curve: Messaging Services

daemon: DNS Services
darkstat-configuration: Monitoring Services
data-path: Messaging Services
db-host: Monitoring Services
db-host: Monitoring Services
db-name: Monitoring Services
db-name: Monitoring Services
db-password: Monitoring Services
db-password: Monitoring Services
db-port: Monitoring Services
db-port: Monitoring Services
db-secret-file: Monitoring Services
db-user: Monitoring Services
db-user: Monitoring Services
dbus-service: Desktop Services
ddclient: DNS Services
debug-log-path: Mail Services
default-auth-type: Printing Services
default-client-limit: Mail Services
default-encryption: Printing Services
default-internal-user: Mail Services
default-language: Printing Services
default-login-user: Mail Services
default-paper-size: Printing Services
default-policy: Printing Services
default-process-limit: Mail Services
default-shared?: Printing Services
default-vsz-limit: Mail Services
defbranch: Version Control Services
delete: Mail Services
delete-after: Mail Services
delete-bigger-than: Mail Services
deliver-log-format: Mail Services
delivered-to: Mail Services
depth: Messaging Services
deref: LDAP Services
derivation: Derivations
desc: Version Control Services
destination: Mail Services
dev: VPN Services
dev: VPN Services
dh: VPN Services
dhcp-client-service-type: Networking Services
dhcpd-configuration: Networking Services
dhcpd-service-type: Networking Services
dhparam: Messaging Services
dicod-configuration: Miscellaneous Services
dicod-database: Miscellaneous Services
dicod-handler: Miscellaneous Services
dicod-service: Miscellaneous Services
dicod-service-type: Miscellaneous Services
dict: Mail Services
digital-ocean-configuration: Invoking guix deploy
director-mail-servers: Mail Services
director-servers: Mail Services
director-user-expire: Mail Services
director-username-hash: Mail Services
directory: Mail Services
directory-union: G-Expressions
dirty-clean-interval: Printing Services
disable-plaintext-auth?: Mail Services
disable-sasl-mechanisms: Messaging Services
disk-apm-level-on-ac: Power Management Services
disk-apm-level-on-bat: Power Management Services
disk-idle-secs-on-ac: Power Management Services
disk-idle-secs-on-bat: Power Management Services
disk-iosched: Power Management Services
disk-spindown-timeout-on-ac: Power Management Services
disk-spindown-timeout-on-bat: Power Management Services
disks-devices: Power Management Services
dnsmasq-configuration: DNS Services
dnsmasq-service-type: DNS Services
docker-configuration: Miscellaneous Services
docker-service-type: Miscellaneous Services
domain: Messaging Services
dotlock-use-excl?: Mail Services
doveadm-socket-path: Mail Services
doveadm-worker-count: Mail Services
dovecot: Mail Services
dovecot: Mail Services
dovecot-service: Mail Services
driver: Mail Services
driver: Mail Services
dropbear-configuration: Networking Services
dropbear-service: Networking Services
dub-build-system: Build Systems
dune-build-system: Build Systems

earlyoom-configuration: Linux Services
earlyoom-service-type: Linux Services
elogind-service: Desktop Services
emacs-build-system: Build Systems
email-filter: Version Control Services
email-filter: Version Control Services
embedded?: Version Control Services
enable-commit-graph?: Version Control Services
enable-commit-graph?: Version Control Services
enable-filter-overrides?: Version Control Services
enable-follow-links?: Version Control Services
enable-git-config?: Version Control Services
enable-html-serving?: Version Control Services
enable-html-serving?: Version Control Services
enable-http-clone?: Version Control Services
enable-index-links?: Version Control Services
enable-index-owner?: Version Control Services
enable-log-filecount?: Version Control Services
enable-log-filecount?: Version Control Services
enable-log-linecount?: Version Control Services
enable-log-linecount?: Version Control Services
enable-remote-branches?: Version Control Services
enable-remote-branches?: Version Control Services
enable-subject-links?: Version Control Services
enable-subject-links?: Version Control Services
enable-tree-linenumbers?: Version Control Services
energy-perf-policy-on-ac: Power Management Services
energy-perf-policy-on-bat: Power Management Services
enlightenment-desktop-service-configuration: Desktop Services
enlightenment-desktop-service-type: Desktop Services
entries: Mail Services
environment-variables: Printing Services
environment-variables: Mail Services
error-log: Printing Services
error-policy: Printing Services
etc-service-type: Service Reference
exim-configuration: Mail Services
exim-service-type: Mail Services
expression->initrd: Initial RAM Disk
ext-components: Messaging Services
extensions: Printing Services
extra-options: Monitoring Services
extra-options: Monitoring Services
extra-options: DNS Services
extra-options: Version Control Services
extra-options: Version Control Services
extra-parameters: Mail Services
extra-parameters: Mail Services
extra-parameters: Mail Services
extra-special-file: Base Services

fast-io?: VPN Services
fast-io?: VPN Services
fatal-errors: Printing Services
favicon: Version Control Services
fcgiwrap-configuration: Web Services
fcgiwrap-service-type: Web Services
file->udev-rule: Base Services
file-append: G-Expressions
file-device?: Printing Services
file-system: File Systems
file-system-label: File Systems
file-union: G-Expressions
files-configuration: Printing Services
filter-limit: Printing Services
filter-nice: Printing Services
filters: LDAP Services
first-valid-gid: Mail Services
first-valid-uid: Mail Services
fold-services: Service Reference
font-build-system: Build Systems
footer: Version Control Services
fprintd-service-type: Miscellaneous Services

gdm-configuration: X Window
gdm-service-type: X Window
geoclue-application: Desktop Services
geoclue-service: Desktop Services
getmail-service-type: Mail Services
gexp->derivation: G-Expressions
gexp->file: G-Expressions
gexp->script: G-Expressions
gexp?: G-Expressions
gid: LDAP Services
git-daemon-configuration: Version Control Services
git-daemon-service: Version Control Services
git-fetch: origin Reference
git-fetch: Invoking guix hash
git-http-configuration: Version Control Services
git-http-nginx-location-configuration: Version Control Services
gitolite-configuration: Version Control Services
gitolite-rc-file: Version Control Services
glib-or-gtk-build-system: Build Systems
gnome-desktop-configuration: Desktop Services
gnome-desktop-service-type: Desktop Services
gnome-keyring-configuration: Desktop Services
gnome-keyring-service-type: Desktop Services
gnu-build-system: Build Systems
go-build-system: Build Systems
gpm-configuration: Base Services
gpm-service-type: Base Services
group: Printing Services
group: Mail Services
group: Mail Services
group: Mail Services
group: Monitoring Services
group: Monitoring Services
group: DNS Services
groups-file: Messaging Services
grub-bootloader: Keyboard Layout and Networking and Partitioning
grub-bootloader: Bootloader Configuration
grub-efi-bootloader: Keyboard Layout and Networking and Partitioning
grub-efi-bootloader: Bootloader Configuration
grub-theme: Bootloader Configuration
grub-theme: Bootloader Configuration
gss-configuration: Network File System
gss-service-type: Network File System
guile-build-system: Build Systems
guix-configuration: Base Services
guix-data-service-configuration: Guix Services
guix-publish-configuration: Base Services
guix-publish-service-type: Base Services
guix-service-type: Base Services
GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS: Common Build Options
GUIX_ENVIRONMENT: Invoking guix environment
GUIX_EXECUTION_ENGINE: Invoking guix pack
GUIX_LOCPATH: Application Setup
GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH: Package Modules
GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH: Defining Packages

haskell-build-system: Build Systems
head-include: Version Control Services
header: Version Control Services
hidden?: Mail Services
hide?: Version Control Services
homepage: Version Control Services
host-name-lookups: Printing Services
host-name-service: Base Services
host-uuid: Virtualization Services
host-uuid-source: Virtualization Services
hostapd-configuration: Networking Services
hostapd-service-type: Networking Services
hostname: Mail Services
hostname: Messaging Services
hostname: Messaging Services
hostname: Monitoring Services
hpcguix-web-configuration: Web Services
hpcguix-web-service-type: Web Services
http-external-url: Messaging Services
http-max-content-size: Messaging Services
httpd-config-file: Web Services
httpd-configuration: Web Services
httpd-module: Web Services
httpd-service-type: Web Services
httpd-virtualhost: Web Services
https_proxy: Build Environment Setup
https_proxy: Proxy Settings
http_proxy: Build Environment Setup
http_proxy: Proxy Settings
hurd-console-configuration: Hurd Services
hurd-console-service-type: Hurd Services
hurd-getty-configuration: Hurd Services
hurd-getty-service-type: Hurd Services
hurd-vm-configuration: Virtualization Services
hurd-vm-service-type: Virtualization Services

idle: Mail Services
idle-timelimit: LDAP Services
idmap-configuration: Network File System
idmap-service-type: Network File System
ifconfig-pool-persist: VPN Services
ifconfig-push: VPN Services
ignore?: Version Control Services
ignorecase: LDAP Services
imap-capability: Mail Services
imap-client-workarounds: Mail Services
imap-id-log: Mail Services
imap-id-send: Mail Services
imap-idle-notify-interval: Mail Services
imap-logout-format: Mail Services
imap-max-line-length: Mail Services
imap-urlauth-host: Mail Services
imap4d-configuration: Mail Services
imap4d-service-type: Mail Services
import-environment: Mail Services
inbox?: Mail Services
include: Version Control Services
include-files: Monitoring Services
include-files: Monitoring Services
index-header: Version Control Services
index-info: Version Control Services
inetd-configuration: Networking Services
inetd-entry: Networking Services
inetd-service-type: Networking Services
inferior-for-channels: Inferiors
inferior-package-description: Inferiors
inferior-package-home-page: Inferiors
inferior-package-inputs: Inferiors
inferior-package-location: Inferiors
inferior-package-name: Inferiors
inferior-package-native-inputs: Inferiors
inferior-package-native-search-paths: Inferiors
inferior-package-propagated-inputs: Inferiors
inferior-package-search-paths: Inferiors
inferior-package-synopsis: Inferiors
inferior-package-transitive-native-search-paths: Inferiors
inferior-package-transitive-propagated-inputs: Inferiors
inferior-package-version: Inferiors
inferior-package?: Inferiors
inferior-packages: Inferiors
info-log-path: Mail Services
inputattach-configuration: Miscellaneous Services
inputattach-service-type: Miscellaneous Services
int-components: Messaging Services
interned-file: The Store Monad
iptables-configuration: Networking Services
iptables-service-type: Networking Services
iroute: VPN Services

job-kill-delay: Printing Services
job-private-access: Printing Services
job-private-values: Printing Services
job-retry-interval: Printing Services
job-retry-limit: Printing Services
julia-build-system: Build Systems

keep-alive-timeout: Printing Services
keep-alive?: Printing Services
keepalive: VPN Services
keepalive-count: Virtualization Services
keepalive-interval: Virtualization Services
kernel-module-loader-service-type: Linux Services
key: Messaging Services
key: VPN Services
key: VPN Services
key-file: Virtualization Services
keyfile: Mail Services
kind: Mail Services
kmscon-configuration: Base Services
kmscon-service-type: Base Services
knot-acl-configuration: DNS Services
knot-configuration: DNS Services
knot-key-configuration: DNS Services
knot-keystore-configuration: DNS Services
knot-policy-configuration: DNS Services
knot-remote-configuration: DNS Services
knot-resolver-configuration: DNS Services
knot-resolver-service-type: DNS Services
knot-service-type: DNS Services
knot-zone-configuration: DNS Services
krb5-ccname: LDAP Services
krb5-configuration: Kerberos Services
krb5-realm: Kerberos Services
krb5-service-type: Kerberos Services

ladspa-service-type: Sound Services
last-valid-gid: Mail Services
last-valid-uid: Mail Services
lda-mailbox-autocreate?: Mail Services
lda-mailbox-autosubscribe?: Mail Services
lda-original-recipient-header: Mail Services
ldap-version: LDAP Services
let-system: G-Expressions
let-system: G-Expressions
libvirt: Virtualization Services
libvirt-service-type: Virtualization Services
limit-request-body: Printing Services
linux-module-build-system: Build Systems
lirc-service: Miscellaneous Services
list?: Mail Services
listen: Printing Services
listen: Mail Services
listen-addr: Virtualization Services
listen-back-log: Printing Services
listen-tcp?: Virtualization Services
listen-tls?: Virtualization Services
listeners: Mail Services
local-file: G-Expressions
local-time?: Version Control Services
locale-definition: Locales
location: Mail Services
location-access-controls: Printing Services
lock-method: Mail Services
LOCPATH: Application Setup
LOCPATH: Locales
log: Messaging Services
log: LDAP Services
log-debug-history: Printing Services
log-file: Monitoring Services
log-file: Monitoring Services
log-file-perm: Printing Services
log-filters: Virtualization Services
log-filters: Virtualization Services
log-level: Printing Services
log-level: Virtualization Services
log-level: Virtualization Services
log-outputs: Virtualization Services
log-outputs: Virtualization Services
log-path: Mail Services
log-rotation: Log Rotation
log-time-format: Printing Services
log-timestamp: Mail Services
log-type: Monitoring Services
log-type: Monitoring Services
login-access-sockets: Mail Services
login-configuration: Base Services
login-greeting: Mail Services
login-log-format: Mail Services
login-log-format-elements: Mail Services
login-service: Base Services
login-trusted-networks: Mail Services
logo: Version Control Services
logo: Version Control Services
logo-link: Version Control Services
logo-link: Version Control Services
lookup-inferior-packages: Inferiors
lookup-qemu-platforms: Virtualization Services
lower-object: G-Expressions
lsh-service: Networking Services
luks-device-mapping: Mapped Devices

machine: Invoking guix deploy
machine-ssh-configuration: Invoking guix deploy
mail: DNS Services
mail-access-groups: Mail Services
mail-aliases-service-type: Mail Services
mail-attachment-dir: Mail Services
mail-attachment-fs: Mail Services
mail-attachment-hash: Mail Services
mail-attachment-min-size: Mail Services
mail-cache-min-mail-count: Mail Services
mail-chroot: Mail Services
mail-debug?: Mail Services
mail-failure: DNS Services
mail-fsync: Mail Services
mail-full-filesystem-access?: Mail Services
mail-gid: Mail Services
mail-location: Mail Services
mail-log-prefix: Mail Services
mail-max-keyword-length: Mail Services
mail-max-userip-connections: Mail Services
mail-nfs-index?: Mail Services
mail-nfs-storage?: Mail Services
mail-plugin-dir: Mail Services
mail-plugins: Mail Services
mail-plugins: Mail Services
mail-privileged-group: Mail Services
mail-save-crlf?: Mail Services
mail-temp-dir: Mail Services
mail-uid: Mail Services
mailbox-idle-check-interval: Mail Services
mailboxes: Mail Services
maildir-copy-with-hardlinks?: Mail Services
maildir-stat-dirs?: Mail Services
maildir-very-dirty-syncs?: Mail Services
mapped-device: Mapped Devices
maps: LDAP Services
mate-desktop-configuration: Desktop Services
mate-desktop-service-type: Desktop Services
max-anonymous-clients: Virtualization Services
max-atom-items: Version Control Services
max-backups: Virtualization Services
max-blob-size: Version Control Services
max-bytes-per-session: Mail Services
max-client-requests: Virtualization Services
max-clients: Printing Services
max-clients: VPN Services
max-clients: Virtualization Services
max-clients: Virtualization Services
max-clients-per-host: Printing Services
max-commit-count: Version Control Services
max-copies: Printing Services
max-history-messages: Messaging Services
max-hold-time: Printing Services
max-job-time: Printing Services
max-jobs: Printing Services
max-jobs-per-printer: Printing Services
max-jobs-per-user: Printing Services
max-log-size: Printing Services
max-lost-work-secs-on-ac: Power Management Services
max-lost-work-secs-on-bat: Power Management Services
max-message-length: Version Control Services
max-message-size: Mail Services
max-queued-clients: Virtualization Services
max-repo-count: Version Control Services
max-repodesc-length: Version Control Services
max-requests: Virtualization Services
max-size: Virtualization Services
max-stats: Version Control Services
max-stats: Version Control Services
max-workers: Virtualization Services
mbegin: The Store Monad
mbox-dirty-syncs?: Mail Services
mbox-dotlock-change-timeout: Mail Services
mbox-lazy-writes?: Mail Services
mbox-lock-timeout: Mail Services
mbox-min-index-size: Mail Services
mbox-read-locks: Mail Services
mbox-very-dirty-syncs?: Mail Services
mbox-write-locks: Mail Services
mcron-configuration: Scheduled Job Execution
mcron-service-type: Scheduled Job Execution
mdbox-preallocate-space?: Mail Services
mdbox-rotate-interval: Mail Services
mdbox-rotate-size: Mail Services
mdns-adv?: Virtualization Services
mdns-name: Virtualization Services
memcached-configuration: Database Services
memcached-service-type: Database Services
menu-entry: Bootloader Configuration
meson-build-system: Build Systems
message-log: Mail Services
message-log-syslog: Mail Services
message-log-verbose: Mail Services
method-access-controls: Printing Services
methods: Printing Services
mimetype: Version Control Services
mimetype-file: Version Control Services
min-workers: Virtualization Services
mingetty-configuration: Base Services
mingetty-service: Base Services
minify-build-system: Build Systems
mixed-text-file: G-Expressions
mlet: The Store Monad
mlet*: The Store Monad
mmap-disable?: Mail Services
mod-muc: Messaging Services
mode: Mail Services
mode: Mail Services
modem-manager-configuration: Networking Services
modem-manager-service-type: Networking Services
modify-services: Using the Configuration System
modify-services: Service Reference
module-link: Version Control Services
module-link: Version Control Services
module-link-path: Version Control Services
modules-disabled: Messaging Services
modules-enabled: Messaging Services
mongodb-configuration: Database Services
mongodb-service-type: Database Services
mpd-configuration: Audio Services
mpd-output: Audio Services
mpd-service-type: Audio Services
multiple-operation-timeout: Printing Services
mumi-configuration: Web Services
mumi-service-type: Web Services
munless: The Store Monad
murmur-configuration: Telephony Services
murmur-public-registration-configuration: Telephony Services
mwhen: The Store Monad
mysql-configuration: Database Services
mysql-service: Database Services

name: Printing Services
name: Mail Services
name: Mail Services
name: Mail Services
name: Mail Services
name: Messaging Services
name: VPN Services
name: VPN Services
name: Version Control Services
name-service: Name Service Switch
name-service-switch: Name Service Switch
namespaces: Mail Services
network-manager-configuration: Networking Services
network-manager-service-type: Networking Services
nfs-configuration: Network File System
nfs-service-type: Network File System
nftables-configuration: Networking Services
nftables-service-type: Networking Services
nginx: Monitoring Services
nginx: Version Control Services
nginx-configuration: Web Services
nginx-location-configuration: Web Services
nginx-named-location-configuration: Web Services
nginx-php-location: Web Services
nginx-server-configuration: Web Services
nginx-service-type: Web Services
nginx-upstream-configuration: Web Services
nix-service-type: Miscellaneous Services
nmi-watchdog?: Power Management Services
nocache?: Version Control Services
node-build-system: Build Systems
noheader?: Version Control Services
noplainemail?: Version Control Services
nscd-cache: Base Services
nscd-configuration: Base Services
nscd-service: Base Services
nss-disable-enumeration: LDAP Services
nss-getgrent-skipmembers: LDAP Services
nss-gid-offset: LDAP Services
nss-initgroups-ignoreusers: LDAP Services
nss-min-uid: LDAP Services
nss-nested-groups: LDAP Services
nss-pam-ldapd: LDAP Services
nss-uid-offset: LDAP Services
ntp-configuration: Networking Services
ntp-server: Networking Services
ntp-service-type: Networking Services

ocaml-build-system: Build Systems
open-connection: The Store
open-inferior: Inferiors
openntpd-configuration: Networking Services
openntpd-service-type: Networking Services
opensmtpd-configuration: Mail Services
opensmtpd-service-type: Mail Services
openssh-configuration: Networking Services
openssh-service-type: Networking Services
openvpn: VPN Services
openvpn: VPN Services
openvpn-client-service: VPN Services
openvpn-server-service: VPN Services
openvswitch-configuration: Networking Services
openvswitch-service-type: Networking Services
operating-system: operating-system Reference
operating-system: Using the Configuration System
operating-system-derivation: Using the Configuration System
options: Mail Services
options: Messaging Services
origin: origin Reference
override-fields: Mail Services
ovs-timeout: Virtualization Services
owner: Version Control Services
owner-filter: Version Control Services
owner-filter: Version Control Services

package: package Reference
package: Mail Services
package: Version Control Services
package->cross-derivation: The Store Monad
package->derivation: The Store Monad
package-cross-derivation: Defining Packages
package-derivation: Defining Packages
package-file: The Store Monad
package-input-rewriting: Defining Packages
package-input-rewriting/spec: Defining Packages
package-mapping: Defining Packages
packages->manifest: Invoking guix package
page-log: Printing Services
page-log-format: Printing Services
pagekite-configuration: Networking Services
pagekite-service-type: Networking Services
pagesize: LDAP Services
pam-authc-ppolicy: LDAP Services
pam-authc-search: LDAP Services
pam-authz-search: LDAP Services
pam-krb5-configuration: Kerberos Services
pam-krb5-service-type: Kerberos Services
pam-limits-service: Base Services
pam-mount-configuration: PAM Mount Service
pam-password-prohibit-message: LDAP Services
pam-services: LDAP Services
passdbs: Mail Services
password: Mail Services
password: Messaging Services
password-command: Mail Services
patchwork-configuration: Web Services
patchwork-database-configuration: Web Services
patchwork-service-type: Web Services
patchwork-settings-module: Web Services
path: Printing Services
path: Mail Services
path: Mail Services
path: Mail Services
path: Version Control Services
pcie-aspm-on-ac: Power Management Services
pcie-aspm-on-bat: Power Management Services
pcscd-configuration: Miscellaneous Services
pcscd-service-type: Miscellaneous Services
perl-build-system: Build Systems
persist-key?: VPN Services
persist-key?: VPN Services
persist-tun?: VPN Services
persist-tun?: VPN Services
phc-controls: Power Management Services
php-fpm-configuration: Web Services
php-fpm-dynamic-process-manager-configuration: Web Services
php-fpm-on-demand-process-manager-configuration: Web Services
php-fpm-service-type: Web Services
php-fpm-static-process-manager-configuration: Web Services
pid: DNS Services
pid-file: Monitoring Services
pid-file: Monitoring Services
pid-file: VPN Services
pid-file: VPN Services
pidfile: Messaging Services
pipefs-configuration: Network File System
pipefs-service-type: Network File System
plain-file: G-Expressions
plugin: Messaging Services
plugin-configuration: Mail Services
plugin-paths: Messaging Services
policies: Printing Services
polkit-service: Desktop Services
polkit-wheel-service: Desktop Services
port: Mail Services
port: Mail Services
port: VPN Services
port: VPN Services
postgresql-service: Database Services
postmaster-address: Mail Services
prefix: Mail Services
preserve-job-files: Printing Services
preserve-job-history: Printing Services
prio-workers: Virtualization Services
process-limit: Mail Services
process-min-avail: Mail Services
profile-service-type: Service Reference
program-file: G-Expressions
project-list: Version Control Services
prometheus-node-exporter-configuration: Monitoring Services
prosody: Messaging Services
prosody: Messaging Services
prosody-service-type: Messaging Services
prosody.cfg.lua: Messaging Services
proto: VPN Services
proto: VPN Services
protocol: Mail Services
protocol: Messaging Services
protocols: Mail Services
provenance-service-type: Service Reference
pulseaudio-configuration: Sound Services
pulseaudio-service-type: Sound Services
python-build-system: Build Systems

qemu-binfmt-configuration: Virtualization Services
qemu-binfmt-service-type: Virtualization Services
qemu-platform-name: Virtualization Services
qemu-platform?: Virtualization Services
qt-build-system: Build Systems
quasiquote: Defining Packages
quassel-configuration: Messaging Services
quassel-service-type: Messaging Services
quota-full-tempfail?: Mail Services
quote: Defining Packages

r-build-system: Build Systems
radeon-dpm-perf-level-on-ac: Power Management Services
radeon-dpm-perf-level-on-bat: Power Management Services
radeon-dpm-state-on-ac: Power Management Services
radeon-dpm-state-on-bat: Power Management Services
radeon-power-profile-on-ac: Power Management Services
radeon-power-profile-on-bat: Power Management Services
raid-device-mapping: Mapped Devices
rakudo-build-system: Build Systems
raw-content: Messaging Services
raw-initrd: Initial RAM Disk
rcfile: Mail Services
read-all: Mail Services
readme: Version Control Services
readme: Version Control Services
received: Mail Services
recipient-delimiter: Mail Services
reconnect-retrytime: LDAP Services
reconnect-sleeptime: LDAP Services
redirect-gateway?: VPN Services
redis-configuration: Database Services
redis-service-type: Database Services
referrals: LDAP Services
rejection-reason: Mail Services
rejection-subject: Mail Services
reload-timeout: Printing Services
remote: VPN Services
remote-root: Printing Services
remove-suffix?: Version Control Services
renamelimit: Version Control Services
repositories: Version Control Services
repository-directory: Version Control Services
repository-sort: Version Control Services
request-root: Printing Services
resolv-retry?: VPN Services
restore-device-state-on-startup?: Power Management Services
restrict-room-creation: Messaging Services
retriever: Mail Services
return: The Store Monad
reverse?: Printing Services
rip-cache: Printing Services
rngd-service: Base Services
robots: Version Control Services
root-desc: Version Control Services
root-readme: Version Control Services
root-title: Version Control Services
rootpwmoddn: LDAP Services
rootpwmodpw: LDAP Services
rottlog-configuration: Log Rotation
rottlog-service-type: Log Rotation
rpcbind-configuration: Network File System
rpcbind-service-type: Network File System
rsync-configuration: Networking Services
rsync-service-type: Networking Services
ruby-build-system: Build Systems
run-with-state: The Store Monad
run-with-store: The Store Monad
runtime-pm-all?: Power Management Services
runtime-pm-blacklist: Power Management Services
runtime-pm-driver-blacklist: Power Management Services
runtime-pm-on-ac: Power Management Services
runtime-pm-on-bat: Power Management Services

s2s-insecure-domains: Messaging Services
s2s-require-encryption?: Messaging Services
s2s-secure-auth?: Messaging Services
s2s-secure-domains: Messaging Services
sandboxing: Printing Services
sane-service-type: Desktop Services
sasl-allowed-usernames: Virtualization Services
sasl-authcid: LDAP Services
sasl-authzid: LDAP Services
sasl-canonicalize?: LDAP Services
sasl-mech: LDAP Services
sasl-realm: LDAP Services
sata-linkpwr-blacklist: Power Management Services
sata-linkpwr-on-ac: Power Management Services
sata-linkpwr-on-bat: Power Management Services
scan-hidden-path: Version Control Services
sched-powersave-on-ac?: Power Management Services
sched-powersave-on-bat?: Power Management Services
Scheme Variable: Monitoring Services
Scheme variable: Monitoring Services
Scheme Variable: Game Services
Scheme Variable: PAM Mount Service
Scheme Variable: Guix Services
scheme-file: G-Expressions
scons-build-system: Build Systems
scope: LDAP Services
screen-locker-service: X Window
sddm-configuration: X Window
sddm-configuration: X Window
sddm-service-type: X Window
secret-file: DNS Services
section: Version Control Services
section: Version Control Services
section-from-path: Version Control Services
section-sort: Version Control Services
sendmail-path: Mail Services
separator: Mail Services
server: Mail Services
server: Monitoring Services
server: VPN Services
server-active: Monitoring Services
server-admin: Printing Services
server-alias: Printing Services
server-ipv6: VPN Services
server-keychain: Printing Services
server-name: Printing Services
server-root: Printing Services
server-tokens: Printing Services
service: Service Reference
service-count: Mail Services
service-extension: Service Reference
service-extension?: Service Reference
service-kind: Service Reference
service-type: Service Reference
service-value: Service Reference
service?: Service Reference
services: Mail Services
set-current-state: The Store Monad
set-env: Printing Services
set-xorg-configuration: Keyboard Layout
set-xorg-configuration: X Window
setuid-program-service-type: Service Reference
shepherd-action: Shepherd Services
shepherd-root-service-type: Shepherd Services
shepherd-service: Shepherd Services
shutdown-clients?: Mail Services
side-by-side-diffs?: Version Control Services
simple-service: Service Reference
simulated-wifi-service-type: Networking Services
singularity-service-type: Miscellaneous Services
slim-configuration: X Window
slim-service-type: X Window
snapshots: Version Control Services
snapshots: Version Control Services
sound-power-save-controller?: Power Management Services
sound-power-save-on-ac: Power Management Services
sound-power-save-on-bat: Power Management Services
source-filter: Version Control Services
source-filter: Version Control Services
source-module-closure: G-Expressions
special-files-service-type: Base Services
special-use: Mail Services
specification->package: Using the Configuration System
specifications->manifest: Invoking guix package
spice-vdagent-service: Miscellaneous Services
ssl: Messaging Services
ssl: LDAP Services
ssl: DNS Services
ssl-ca: Mail Services
ssl-ca-location: Monitoring Services
ssl-cert: Mail Services
ssl-cert-location: Monitoring Services
ssl-cert-username-field: Mail Services
ssl-cipher-list: Mail Services
ssl-crypto-device: Mail Services
ssl-key: Mail Services
ssl-key-password: Mail Services
ssl-listen: Printing Services
ssl-min-protocol: Mail Services
ssl-options: Printing Services
ssl-require-crl?: Mail Services
ssl-verify-client-cert?: Mail Services
ssl?: Mail Services
ssl?: Mail Services
state-pop: The Store Monad
state-push: The Store Monad
static-networking-service: Networking Services
static-networking-service-type: Networking Services
status: VPN Services
strict-conformance?: Printing Services
strict-export: Version Control Services
string: Mail Services
string: Version Control Services
submission-host: Mail Services
subscription-private-access: Printing Services
subscription-private-values: Printing Services
subscriptions?: Mail Services
summary-branches: Version Control Services
summary-log: Version Control Services
summary-tags: Version Control Services
sync-on-close?: Printing Services
sysctl-configuration: Miscellaneous Services
sysctl-service-type: Miscellaneous Services
syslog: DNS Services
syslog-configuration: Base Services
syslog-facility: Mail Services
syslog-service: Base Services
system-group: Printing Services
system-service-type: Service Reference

tailon-configuration: Monitoring Services
tailon-configuration-file: Monitoring Services
tcp-port: Virtualization Services
temp-dir: Printing Services
texlive-build-system: Build Systems
text-file: The Store Monad
text-file*: G-Expressions
thermald-configuration: Power Management Services
thermald-service-type: Power Management Services
this-operating-system: operating-system Reference
this-package: package Reference
threads: LDAP Services
timelimit: LDAP Services
timeout: Printing Services
tlp: Power Management Services
tlp-default-mode: Power Management Services
tlp-enable?: Power Management Services
tlp-service-type: Power Management Services
tls-allowed-dn-list: Virtualization Services
tls-auth: VPN Services
tls-auth: VPN Services
tls-cacertdir: LDAP Services
tls-cacertfile: LDAP Services
tls-cert: LDAP Services
tls-ciphers: LDAP Services
tls-key: LDAP Services
tls-no-sanity-cert: Virtualization Services
tls-no-verify-cert: Virtualization Services
tls-port: Virtualization Services
tls-priority: Virtualization Services
tls-randfile: LDAP Services
tls-reqcert: LDAP Services
tor-configuration: Networking Services
tor-hidden-service: Networking Services
tor-service-type: Networking Services
trivial-build-system: Build Systems
type: Mail Services
type: Mail Services
type: Mail Services

udev-rule: Base Services
udev-rules-service: Base Services
udev-service: Base Services
udisks-service: Desktop Services
uid: LDAP Services
unix-sock-admin-perms: Virtualization Services
unix-sock-dir: Virtualization Services
unix-sock-group: Virtualization Services
unix-sock-ro-perms: Virtualization Services
unix-sock-rw-perms: Virtualization Services
unquote: Defining Packages
unquote-splicing: Defining Packages
upower-configuration: Desktop Services
upower-service-type: Desktop Services
urandom-seed-service-type: Base Services
uri: LDAP Services
url: Version Control Services
usb-autosuspend-disable-on-shutdown?: Power Management Services
usb-autosuspend?: Power Management Services
usb-blacklist: Power Management Services
usb-blacklist-wwan?: Power Management Services
usb-modeswitch-configuration: Networking Services
usb-modeswitch-service-type: Networking Services
usb-whitelist: Power Management Services
use-libevent?: Messaging Services
user: Printing Services
user: Mail Services
user: Mail Services
user: Mail Services
user: Monitoring Services
user: Monitoring Services
user: DNS Services
user-account: User Accounts
user-group: User Accounts
userdbs: Mail Services
username: Mail Services
uuid: File Systems

valid-chroot-dirs: Mail Services
valid-path?: The Store
validnames: LDAP Services
varnish-configuration: Web Services
varnish-service-type: Web Services
verbose: Mail Services
verbose-proctitle?: Mail Services
verbose-ssl?: Mail Services
verbosity: VPN Services
verbosity: VPN Services
verify: Messaging Services
verify-key-usage?: VPN Services
verifyext: Messaging Services
virtlog-service-type: Virtualization Services
virtual-root: Version Control Services
virtualhosts: Messaging Services
vsz-limit: Mail Services

waf-build-system: Build Systems
web-interface?: Printing Services
wesnothd-configuration: Game Services
wicd-service: Networking Services
wifi-pwr-on-ac?: Power Management Services
wifi-pwr-on-bat?: Power Management Services
with-extensions: G-Expressions
with-extensions: G-Expressions
with-imported-modules: G-Expressions
with-imported-modules: G-Expressions
with-monad: The Store Monad
with-parameters: G-Expressions
wol-disable?: Power Management Services
wpa-supplicant-configuration: Networking Services
wpa-supplicant-service-type: Networking Services

xfce-desktop-configuration: Desktop Services
xfce-desktop-service-type: Desktop Services
xorg-configuration: X Window
xorg-start-command: X Window

zabbix-agent: Monitoring Services
zabbix-host: Monitoring Services
zabbix-port: Monitoring Services
zabbix-server: Monitoring Services
zone-entry: DNS Services
zone-file: DNS Services

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