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8.8.28 Guix Services

Guix Data Service

The Guix Data Service processes, stores and provides data about GNU Guix. This includes information about packages, derivations and lint warnings.

The data is stored in a PostgreSQL database, and available through a web interface.

Variable: Scheme Variable guix-data-service-type

Service type for the Guix Data Service. Its value must be a guix-data-service-configuration object. The service optionally extends the getmail service, as the guix-commits mailing list is used to find out about changes in the Guix git repository.

Data Type: guix-data-service-configuration

Data type representing the configuration of the Guix Data Service.

package (default: guix-data-service)

The Guix Data Service package to use.

user (default: "guix-data-service")

The system user to run the service as.

group (default: "guix-data-service")

The system group to run the service as.

port (default: 8765)

The port to bind the web service to.

host (default: "")

The host to bind the web service to.

getmail-idle-mailboxes (default: #f)

If set, this is the list of mailboxes that the getmail service will be configured to listen to.

commits-getmail-retriever-configuration (default: #f)

If set, this is the getmail-retriever-configuration object with which to configure getmail to fetch mail from the guix-commits mailing list.

extra-options (default: ’())

Extra command line options for guix-data-service.

extra-process-jobs-options (default: ’())

Extra command line options for guix-data-service-process-jobs.