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8.8.23 Audio Services

The (gnu services audio) module provides a service to start MPD (the Music Player Daemon).

Music Player Daemon

The Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a service that can play music while being controlled from the local machine or over the network by a variety of clients.

The following example shows how one might run mpd as user "bob" on port 6666. It uses pulseaudio for output.

(service mpd-service-type
          (user "bob")
          (port "6666")))
Scheme Variable: mpd-service-type

The service type for mpd

Data Type: mpd-configuration

Data type representing the configuration of mpd.

user (default: "mpd")

The user to run mpd as.

music-dir (default: "~/Music")

The directory to scan for music files.

playlist-dir (default: "~/.mpd/playlists")

The directory to store playlists.

db-file (default: "~/.mpd/tag_cache")

The location of the music database.

state-file (default: "~/.mpd/state")

The location of the file that stores current MPD’s state.

sticker-file (default: "~/.mpd/sticker.sql")

The location of the sticker database.

port (default: "6600")

The port to run mpd on.

address (default: "any")

The address that mpd will bind to. To use a Unix domain socket, an absolute path can be specified here.