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13.3.16 Miscellaneous Home Services

This section lists Home services that lack a better place.

Создание служб

The (gnu home services dict) module provides the following service:

Variable: home-dicod-service-type

This is the type of the service that runs the dicod daemon, an implementation of DICT server (see Dicod in GNU Dico Manual).

You can add open localhost to your ~/.dico file to make localhost the default server for dico client (see Initialization File in GNU Dico Manual).

This service is a direct mapping of the dicod-service-type system service (see Dictionary Service). You can use it like this:

(service home-dicod-service-type)

You may specify a custom configuration by providing a dicod-configuration record, exactly like for dicod-service-type, but wrapping it in for-home:

(service home-dicod-service-type
          (dicod-configuration )))