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2.1 Бинарная установка

This section describes how to install Guix from a self-contained tarball providing binaries for Guix and for all its dependencies. This is often quicker than installing from source, described later (see Сборка из Git).

Важно: This section only applies to systems without Guix. Following it for existing Guix installations will overwrite important system files.

Some GNU/Linux distributions, such as Debian, Ubuntu, and openSUSE provide Guix through their own package managers. The version of Guix may be older than 6f72ad4 but you can update it afterwards by running ‘guix pull’.

For Debian or a derivative such as Ubuntu, call:

sudo apt install guix

Подобным же образом на openSUSE:

sudo zypper install guix

The Guix project also provides a shell script,, which automates the binary installation process without use of a foreign distro package manager5. Use of requires Bash, GnuPG, GNU tar, wget, and Xz.

The script guides you through the following:

As root, run:

# cd /tmp
# wget
# chmod +x
# ./

Примечание: By default, will configure Guix to download pre-built package binaries, called substitutes (see Подстановки), from the project’s build farms. If you choose not to permit this, Guix will build everything from source, making each installation and upgrade very expensive. See Касательно проверенных бинарников for a discussion of why you may want to build packages from source.

To use substitutes from, or a mirror, you must authorize them. For example,

# guix archive --authorize < \
# guix archive --authorize < \

When you’re done installing Guix, see Установка приложения for extra configuration you might need, and Начиная for your first steps!

Примечание: Архив для бинарной установки может быть воспроизведён (повторён) и проверен простым запуском следующей команды в дереве исходников Guix:

make guix-binary.system.tar.xz

..., что в свою очередь, выполнит:

guix pack -s system --localstatedir \
  --profile-name=current-guix guix

See Вызов guix pack для подробной информации об этом полезном инструменте.

Should you eventually want to uninstall Guix, run the same script with the --uninstall flag:

./ --uninstall

With --uninstall, the script irreversibly deletes all the Guix files, configuration, and services.



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