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13.3.10 Fonts Home Services

The (gnu home services fontutils) module provides services for user-specific Fontconfig setup. The Fontconfig library is used by many applications to access fonts on the system.

Variable: home-fontconfig-service-type

This is the service type for generating configurations for Fontconfig. Its associated value is a list of either strings (or gexps) pointing to fonts locations, or SXML (see SXML in GNU Guile Reference Manual) fragments to be converted into XML and put inside the main fontconfig node.

Generally, it is better to extend this service than to directly configure it, as its default value is the default Guix Home’s profile font installation path (~/.guix-home/profile/share/fonts). If you configure this service directly, be sure to include the above directory.

Here’s how you’d extend it to include fonts installed with the Nix package manager, and to prefer your favourite monospace font:

(simple-service 'additional-fonts-service
                (list "~/.nix-profile/share/fonts"
                        (family "monospace")
                         (family "Liberation Mono")))))