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13.3.13 Messaging Home Services

The ZNC bouncer can be run as a daemon to manage your IRC presence. With the (gnu home services messaging) service, you can configure ZNC to run upon login.

You will have to provide a ~/.znc/configs/znc.conf separately.

Voici un exemple de service et sa configuration que vous pouvez ajouter au champ services de votre home-environment :

(service home-znc-service-type)
Variable :home-znc-service-type

This is the type of the ZNC home service, whose value is a home-znc-configuration object.

Data Type :home-znc-configuration

Available home-znc-configuration fields are:

znc (default: znc) (type: file-like)

The ZNC package to use.

extra-options (par défaut : '())

Extra options will be passed to znc, please run man znc for more information.