qemacs 0.3.3 Small but powerful text editor

QEmacs (for Quick Emacs) is a very small but powerful editor. It has features that even big editors lack:

  • Full screen editor with an Emacs look and feel with all Emacs common features: multi-buffer, multi-window, command mode, universal argument, keyboard macros, config file with C-like syntax, minibuffer with completion and history.

  • Can edit files of hundreds of Megabytes without being slow by using a highly optimized internal representation and by mmaping the file.

  • Full Unicode support, including multi charset handling (8859-x, UTF8, SJIS, EUC-JP, ...) and bidirectional editing respecting the Unicode bidi algorithm. Arabic and Indic scripts handling (in progress).

  • WYSIWYG HTML/XML/CSS2 mode graphical editing. Also supports Lynx like rendering on VT100 terminals.

  • WYSIWYG DocBook mode based on XML/CSS2 renderer.

  • C mode: coloring with immediate update. Emacs like auto-indent.

  • Shell mode: colorized VT100 emulation so that your shell work exactly as you expect. Compile mode with next/prev error.

  • Input methods for most languages, including Chinese (input methods come from the Yudit editor).

  • Hexadecimal editing mode with insertion and block commands. Unicode hexa editing is also supported.

  • Works on any VT100 terminals without termcap. UTF8 VT100 support included with double width glyphs.

  • X11 support. Support multiple proportional fonts at the same time (as XEmacs). X Input methods supported. Xft extension supported for anti aliased font display.

  • Small! Full version (including HTML/XML/CSS2/DocBook rendering and all charsets): 200KB big. Basic version (without bidir/unicode scripts/input/X11/C/Shell/HTML/Dired): 49KB.