xlispstat 3.52.23-0.f1bea60 Statistical analysis environment with interactive graphics

XLISP-STAT is a statistical environment based on a Lisp dialect called XLISP. To facilitate statistical computations, standard functions for addition, logarithms, etc., have been modified to operate on lists and arrays of numbers, and a number of basic statistical functions have been added. Many of these functions have been written in Lisp, and additional functions can be added easily by a user. Several basic forms of plots, including histograms, scatterplots, rotatable plots and scatterplot matrices are provided. These plots support various forms of interactive highlighting operations and can be linked so points highlighted in one plot will be highlighted in all linked plots. Interactions with the plots are controlled by the mouse, menus and dialog boxes. An object-oriented programming system is used to allow menus, dialogs, and the response to mouse actions to be customized.