sunxi-tools 1.4.2 Hardware management tools for Allwinner computers

This package contains tools for Allwinner devices:

  1. sunxi-fexc, bin2fex, fex2bin: Compile a textual description of a board (.fex) to a binary representation (.bin).

  2. sunxi-fel: Puts an Allwinner device into FEL mode which makes it register as a special USB device (rather than USB host). You can then connect it to another computer and flash it from there.

  3. sunxi-nand-part: Partitions NAND flash.

  4. sunxi-bootinfo: Reads out boot0 and boot1 (Allwinner bootloader) parameters.

  5. sunxi-pio: Sets GPIO parameters and oscillates a GPIO in order to be able to find it.

  6. sunxi-meminfo: Prints memory bus settings.

  7. sunxi-nand-image-builder: Prepares raw NAND images.