sg3-utils 1.47 SCSI device utilities

sg3-utils is a collection of utilities for devices that use the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) command set. It includes utilities to read data from, write data to, control, modify, and query the state of SCSI devices.

For example, this package provides command-line tools to:

  • copy data based on dd syntax and semantics (called sg_dd, sgp_dd, and sgm_dd)

  • check INQUIRY data and VPD pages (sg_inq)

  • check mode and log pages (sginfo, sg_modes, and sg_logs)

  • spin up and down disks (sg_start)

  • do self-tests (sg_senddiag)

  • parse sense data (sg_decode_sense)

  • and perform various other functions.

In addition, this package includes a library, called libsgutils, which can be used in C and C++ programs to interact with SCSI devices.