mblaze 1.1 Unix utilities to deal with Maildir

The mblaze message system is a set of Unix utilities for processing and interacting with mail messages which are stored in maildir folders.

Its design is roughly inspired by MH, the RAND Message Handling System, but it is a complete implementation from scratch.

mblaze is a classic command line MUA and has no features for receiving or transferring messages; you can operate on messages in a local maildir spool, or fetch your messages using fdm(1), getmail(1), offlineimap(1), or similar utilities, and send it using dma(8), msmtp(1), sendmail(8), as provided by OpenSMTPD, Postfix, or similar.

mblaze operates directly on maildir folders and doesn't use its own caches or databases. There is no setup needed for many uses. All utilities have been written with performance in mind. Enumeration of all messages in a maildir is avoided unless necessary, and then optimized to limit syscalls. Parsing message metadata is optimized to limit I/O requests. Initial operations on a large maildir may feel slow, but as soon as they are in the file system cache, everything is blazingly fast. The utilities are written to be memory efficient (i.e. not wasteful), but whole messages are assumed to fit into RAM easily (one at a time).