font-cns11643 98.1.20180605 CJK TrueType fonts, TW-Kai and TW-Sung

CNS 11643 character set (Chinese National Standard, or Chinese Standard Interchange Code) is the standard character set of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for Chinese Characters and other Unicode symbols. Contained are six TrueType fonts based on two script styles, Regular script (Kai), and Sung/Ming script, each with three variants:

  • CNS 11643 (TW-Kai and TW-Sung): Tens of thousands of CJK characters from frequency tables published by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. ISO 10646 and Unicode compatible encoding.

  • Big-5 Plus: Several thousand frequently used CJK characters encoded in the user defined area of the Big-5 code.

  • Big-5 Extended: A Big-5 character set based on the Big-5 Plus and CNS 11643 character sets.