emacs-helm-bibtex 2.0.0-3.aa77534 Bibliography manager based on Helm

This package provides bibliography manager for Emacs, based on Helm and the bibtex-completion backend.

Key features:

  • Quick access to your bibliography from within Emacs

  • Powerful search capabilities

  • Provides instant search results as you type

  • Tightly integrated with LaTeX authoring, emails, Org mode, etc.

  • Open the PDFs, URLs, or DOIs associated with an entry

  • Insert LaTeX cite commands, Ebib links, or Pandoc citations, BibTeX entries, or plain text references at point, attach PDFs to emails

  • Support for note taking

  • Quick access to online bibliographic databases such as Pubmed, arXiv, Google Scholar, Library of Congress, etc.

  • Imports BibTeX entries from CrossRef and other sources.