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13.3.7 Desktop Home Services

The (gnu home services desktop) module provides services that you may find useful on “desktop” systems running a graphical user environment such as Xorg.

Scheme Variable: home-redshift-service-type

This is the service type for Redshift, a program that adjusts the display color temperature according to the time of day. Its associated value must be a home-redshift-configuration record, as shown below.

A typical configuration, where we manually specify the latitude and longitude, might look like this:

(service home-redshift-service-type
          (location-provider 'manual)
          (latitude 35.81)    ;northern hemisphere
          (longitude -0.80))) ;west of Greenwich
Data Type: home-redshift-configuration

Available home-redshift-configuration fields are:

redshift (default: redshift) (type: file-like)

Redshift package to use.

location-provider (default: geoclue2) (type: symbol)

Geolocation provider—'manual or 'geoclue2. In the former case, you must also specify the latitude and longitude fields so Redshift can determine daytime at your place. In the latter case, the Geoclue system service must be running; it will be queried for location information.

adjustment-method (default: randr) (type: symbol)

Color adjustment method.

daytime-temperature (default: 6500) (type: integer)

Daytime color temperature (kelvins).

nighttime-temperature (default: 4500) (type: integer)

Nighttime color temperature (kelvins).

daytime-brightness (type: maybe-inexact-number)

Daytime screen brightness, between 0.1 and 1.0, or left unspecified.

nighttime-brightness (type: maybe-inexact-number)

Nighttime screen brightness, between 0.1 and 1.0, or left unspecified.

latitude (type: maybe-inexact-number)

Latitude, when location-provider is 'manual.

longitude (type: maybe-inexact-number)

Longitude, when location-provider is 'manual.

dawn-time (type: maybe-string)

Custom time for the transition from night to day in the morning—"HH:MM" format. When specified, solar elevation is not used to determine the daytime/nighttime period.

dusk-time (type: maybe-string)

Likewise, custom time for the transition from day to night in the evening.

extra-content (default: "") (type: raw-configuration-string)

Extra content appended as-is to the Redshift configuration file. Run man redshift for more information about the configuration file format.

Scheme Variable: home-dbus-service-type

This is the service type for running a session-specific D-Bus, for unprivileged applications that require D-Bus to be running.

Data Type: home-dbus-configuration

The configuration record for home-dbus-service-type.

dbus (default: dbus)

The package providing the /bin/dbus-daemon command.

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