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1.1 A Scheme Crash Course

Guix uses the Guile implementation of Scheme. To start playing with the language, install it with guix install guile and start a REPL—short for read-eval-print loop—by running guile from the command line.

Alternatively you can also run guix environment --ad-hoc guile -- guile if you’d rather not have Guile installed in your user profile.

In the following examples, lines show what you would type at the REPL; lines starting with “⇒” show evaluation results, while lines starting with “-|” show things that get printed. See Using Guile Interactively in GNU Guile Reference Manual, for more details on the REPL.

For a more detailed introduction, check out Scheme at a Glance, by Steve Litt.

One of the reference Scheme books is the seminal “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”, by Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman, with Julie Sussman. You’ll find a free copy online, together with videos of the lectures by the authors. The book is available in Texinfo format as the sicp Guix package. Go ahead, run guix install sicp and start reading with info sicp (see Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs). An unofficial ebook is also available.

You’ll find more books, tutorials and other resources at https://schemers.org/.

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