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1.1 A Scheme Crash Course

Guix uses the Guile implementation of Scheme. To start playing with the language, install it with guix install guile and start a REPL—short for read-eval-print loop—by running guile from the command line.

Alternatively you can also run guix shell guile -- guile if you’d rather not have Guile installed in your user profile.

In the following examples, lines show what you would type at the REPL; lines starting with “⇒” show evaluation results, while lines starting with “-|” show things that get printed. See Using Guile Interactively in GNU Guile Reference Manual, for more details on the REPL.

Going further: Scheme is a language that has been widely used to teach programming and you’ll find plenty of material using it as a vehicle. Here’s a selection of documents to learn more about Scheme:

You’ll find more books, tutorials and other resources at https://schemers.org/.

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