unclutter-xfixes 1.5 Hide idle mouse cursor

unclutter-xfixes is a rewrite of the popular tool unclutter, but using the x11-xfixes extension. This means that this rewrite doesn't use fake windows or pointer grabbing and hence causes less problems with window managers and/or applications.

Unclutter is a program which runs permanently in the background of an X11 session. It checks on the X11 pointer (cursor) position every few seconds, and when it finds it has not moved (and no buttons are pressed on the mouse, and the cursor is not in the root window) it creates a small sub-window as a child of the window the cursor is in. The new window installs a cursor of size 1x1 but a mask of all 0, i.e. an invisible cursor. This allows you to see all the text in an xterm or xedit, for example. The human factors crowd would agree it should make things less distracting.