pulseaudio-dlna 0.5.2-1.4472928 Stream audio to DLNA/UPnP and Chromecast devices

This lightweight streaming server brings DLNA/UPnP and Chromecast support to PulseAudio. It can stream your current PulseAudio playback to different UPnP devices (UPnP Media Renderers, including Sonos devices and some Smart TVs) or Chromecasts in your network. You should also install one or more of the following packages alongside pulseaudio-dlna:

  • ffmpeg - transcoding support for multiple codecs

  • flac - FLAC transcoding support

  • lame - MP3 transcoding support

  • opus-tools - Opus transcoding support

  • sox - WAV transcoding support

  • vorbis-tools - Vorbis transcoding support