perl-module-build-xsutil 0.16 Module::Build class for building XS modules

Module::Build::XSUtil is subclass of Module::Build for support building XS modules.

This is a list of a new parameters in the Module::Build::new method:

  1. needs_compiler_c99: This option checks C99 compiler availability.

  2. needs_compiler_cpp: This option checks C++ compiler availability. Can also pass extra_compiler_flags and extra_linker_flags for C++.

  3. generate_ppport_h: Generate ppport.h by Devel::PPPort.

  4. generate_xshelper_h: Generate xshelper.h which is a helper header file to include EXTERN.h, perl.h, XSUB.h and ppport.h, and defines some portability stuff which are not supported by ppport.h.

    It is ported from Module::Install::XSUtil.

  5. cc_warnings: Toggle compiler warnings. Enabled by default.

  6. -g options: Invoke Build.PL with -g to enable debug options.