compton 0.1beta2 Compositor for X11

Compton is a compositor for the Xorg display server and a for of xcompmgr-dana, which implements some changes like:

  • OpenGL backend (--backend glx), in addition to the old X Render backend.

  • Inactive window transparency (-i) and dimming (--inactive-dim).

  • Menu transparency (-m, thanks to Dana).

  • Shadows are now enabled for argb windows, e.g terminals with transparency

  • Removed serverside shadows (and simple compositing) to clean the code, the only option that remains is clientside shadows.

  • Configuration files (see the man page for more details).

  • Colored shadows (--shadow-[red/green/blue]).

  • A new fade system.

  • VSync support (not always working).

  • Blur of background of transparent windows, window color inversion (bad in performance).

  • Some more options...