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6.3.2 Авторизация сервера подстановок

To allow Guix to download substitutes from, or a mirror, you must add the relevant public key to the access control list (ACL) of archive imports, using the guix archive command (see Вызов guix archive). Doing so implies that you trust the substitute server to not be compromised and to serve genuine substitutes.

Примечание: If you are using Guix System, you can skip this section: Guix System authorizes substitutes from and by default.

The public keys for each of the project maintained substitute servers are installed along with Guix, in prefix/share/guix/, where prefix is the installation prefix of Guix. If you installed Guix from source, make sure you checked the GPG signature of guix-1.4.0.tar.gz, which contains this public key file. Then, you can run something like this:

# guix archive --authorize < prefix/share/guix/
# guix archive --authorize < prefix/share/guix/

Когда это сделано, вывод команды guix build должен измениться с примерно такого:

$ guix build emacs --dry-run
The following derivations would be built:

на примерно следующий:

$ guix build emacs --dry-run
112.3 MB would be downloaded:

The text changed from “The following derivations would be built” to “112.3 MB would be downloaded”. This indicates that substitutes from the configured substitute servers are usable and will be downloaded, when possible, for future builds.

Механизм подстановок может быть отключен глобально путём запуска guix-daemon с --no-substitutes (see Вызов guix-daemon). Также он может отключиться временно путём указания опции --no-substitutes в guix package, guix build и других инструментах командной строки.

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