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13.3.9 Guix Home Services

The (gnu home services guix) module provides services for user-specific Guix configuration.

Variável: home-channels-service-type

This is the service type for managing $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/guix/channels.scm, the file that controls the channels received on guix pull (veja Canais). Its associated value is a list of channel records, defined in the (guix channels) module.

Generally, it is better to extend this service than to directly configure it, as its default value is the default guix channel(s) defined by %default-channels. If you configure this service directly, be sure to include a guix channel. Veja Specifying Additional Channels and Using a Custom Guix Channel for more details.

A typical extension for adding a channel might look like this:

(simple-service 'variant-packages-service
                  (name 'variant-packages)
                  (url ""))))