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3.9 Compilando a imagem de instalação

The installation image described above was built using the guix system command, specifically:

guix system image -t iso9660 gnu/system/install.scm

Have a look at gnu/system/install.scm in the source tree, and see also Invoking guix system for more information about the installation image.

3.10 Building the Installation Image for ARM Boards

Many ARM boards require a specific variant of the U-Boot bootloader.

If you build a disk image and the bootloader is not available otherwise (on another boot drive etc), it’s advisable to build an image that includes the bootloader, specifically:

guix system image --system=armhf-linux -e '((@ (gnu system install) os-with-u-boot) (@ (gnu system install) installation-os) "A20-OLinuXino-Lime2")'

A20-OLinuXino-Lime2 is the name of the board. If you specify an invalid board, a list of possible boards will be printed.