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22.6.2 Vim and NeoVim

Vim (and NeoVim) are also packaged in Guix, just in case you decided to go for the evil path.

guix install vim

If you want to enjoy a similar development experience to that in the perfect setup, you should install several plugins to configure the editor. Vim (and NeoVim) have the equivalent to Paredit, paredit.vim, that will help you with the structural editing of Scheme files (the support for very large files is not great, though).

guix install vim-paredit

We also recommend that you run :set autoindent so that your code is automatically indented as you type.

For the interaction with Git, fugitive.vim is the most commonly used plugin:

guix install vim-fugitive

And of course if you want to interact with Guix directly from inside of vim, using the built-in terminal emulator, we have our very own guix.vim package!

guix install vim-guix-vim

In NeoVim you can even make a similar setup to Geiser using Conjure that lets you connect to a running Guile process and inject your code there live (sadly it’s not packaged in Guix yet).