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7.4 The GCC toolchain

If you need a complete toolchain for compiling and linking C or C++ source code, use the gcc-toolchain package. This package provides a complete GCC toolchain for C/C++ development, including GCC itself, the GNU C Library (headers and binaries, plus debugging symbols in the debug output), Binutils, and a linker wrapper.

The wrapper’s purpose is to inspect the -L and -l switches passed to the linker, add corresponding -rpath arguments, and invoke the actual linker with this new set of arguments. You can instruct the wrapper to refuse to link against libraries not in the store by setting the GUIX_LD_WRAPPER_ALLOW_IMPURITIES environment variable to no.

The package gfortran-toolchain provides a complete GCC toolchain for Fortran development. For other languages, please use ‘guix search gcc toolchain’ (see Invoking guix package).