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22.1 Requirements

You can easily hack on Guix itself using Guix and Git, which we use for version control (see Building from Git).

But when packaging Guix for foreign distros or when bootstrapping on systems without Guix, and if you decide to not just trust and install our readily made binary (see Binary Installation), you can download a release version of our reproducible source tarball and read on.

This section lists requirements when building Guix from source. The build procedure for Guix is the same as for other GNU software, and is not covered here. Please see the files README and INSTALL in the Guix source tree for additional details.

GNU Guix is available for download from its website at

GNU Guix depends on the following packages:

The following dependencies are optional:

Unless --disable-daemon was passed to configure, the following packages are also needed:



The Guile bindings to GnuTLS were distributed as part of GnuTLS until version 3.7.8 included.

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