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3.4 Preparing for Installation

Once you have booted, you can use the guided graphical installer, which makes it easy to get started (see Guided Graphical Installation). Alternatively, if you are already familiar with GNU/Linux and if you want more control than what the graphical installer provides, you can choose the “manual” installation process (see Manual Installation).

The graphical installer is available on TTY1. You can obtain root shells on TTYs 3 to 6 by hitting ctrl-alt-f3, ctrl-alt-f4, etc. TTY2 shows this documentation and you can reach it with ctrl-alt-f2. Documentation is browsable using the Info reader commands (see Stand-alone GNU Info). The installation system runs the GPM mouse daemon, which allows you to select text with the left mouse button and to paste it with the middle button.

Note: Installation requires access to the Internet so that any missing dependencies of your system configuration can be downloaded. See the “Networking” section below.