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13.3.14 Media Home Services

The Kodi media center can be run as a daemon on a media server. With the (gnu home services kodi) service, you can configure Kodi to run upon login.

Here is an example of a service and its configuration that you could add to the services field of your home-environment:

(service home-kodi-service-type
   (extra-options '("--settings="<settings-file>"))))
Variable: home-kodi-service-type

This is the type of the Kodi home service, whose value is a home-kodi-configuration object.

Data Type: home-kodi-configuration

Available home-kodi-configuration fields are:

kodi (default: kodi) (type: file-like)

The Kodi package to use.

extra-options (default: '())

Extra options will be passed to kodi, please run man kodi for more information.