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22.11.4 Debbugs Usertags

Debbugs provides a feature called usertags that allows any user to tag any bug with an arbitrary label. Bugs can be searched by usertag, so this is a handy way to organize bugs48. If you use Emacs Debbugs, the entry-point to consult existing usertags is the ‘C-u M-x debbugs-gnu-usertags’ procedure. To set a usertag, press ‘C’ while consulting a bug within the *Guix-Patches* buffer opened with ‘C-u M-x debbugs-gnu-bugs’ buffer, then select usertag and follow the instructions.

For example, to view all the bug reports (or patches, in the case of guix-patches) tagged with the usertag powerpc64le-linux for the user guix, open a URL like the following in a web browser:;users=guix.

For more information on how to use usertags, please refer to the documentation for Debbugs or the documentation for whatever tool you use to interact with Debbugs.

In Guix, we are experimenting with usertags to keep track of architecture-specific issues, as well as reviewed ones. To facilitate collaboration, all our usertags are associated with the single user guix. The following usertags currently exist for that user:


The purpose of this usertag is to make it easy to find the issues that matter most for the powerpc64le-linux system type. Please assign this usertag to bugs or patches that affect powerpc64le-linux but not other system types. In addition, you may use it to identify issues that for some reason are particularly important for the powerpc64le-linux system type, even if the issue affects other system types, too.


For issues related to reproducibility. For example, it would be appropriate to assign this usertag to a bug report for a package that fails to build reproducibly.


You have reviewed the series and it looks good to you (LGTM).

If you’re a committer and you want to add a usertag, just start using it with the guix user. If the usertag proves useful to you, consider updating this section of the manual so that others will know what your usertag means.



The list of usertags is public information, and anyone can modify any user’s list of usertags, so keep that in mind if you choose to use this feature.

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