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22.15 撰写文档

Guix is documented using the Texinfo system. If you are not yet familiar with it, we accept contributions for documentation in most formats. That includes plain text, Markdown, Org, etc.

Documentation contributions can be sent to Prepend ‘[DOCUMENTATION]’ to the subject.

When you need to make more than a simple addition to the documentation, we prefer that you send a proper patch as opposed to sending an email as described above. See 提交补丁 for more information on how to send your patches.

To modify the documentation, you need to edit doc/guix.texi and doc/contributing.texi (which contains this documentation section), or doc/guix-cookbook.texi for the cookbook. If you compiled the Guix repository before, you will have many more .texi files that are translations of these documents. Do not modify them, the translation is managed through Weblate. See 翻译 Guix for more information.

To render documentation, you must first make sure that you ran ./configure in your source tree (see 在安装之前运行 Guix). After that you can run one of the following commands: