davfs2 1.6.1 Mount remote WebDAV resources in the local file system

The WebDAV extension to the HTTP protocol defines a standard way to author resources on a remote Web server. Davfs2 exposes such resources as a typical file system which can be used by standard applications with no built-in support for WebDAV, such as the GNU coreutils (cp, mv, etc.) or a graphical word processor.

Davfs2 works with most WebDAV servers with no or little configuration. It supports TLS (HTTPS), HTTP proxies, HTTP basic and digest authentication, and client certificates. It performs extensive caching to avoid unnecessary network traffic, stay responsive even over slow or unreliable connections, and prevent data loss. It aims to make use by unprivileged users as easy and secure as possible.

However, davfs2 is not a full-featured WebDAV client. The file system interface and the WebDAV protocol are quite different. Translating between the two is not always possible.