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.local, host name lookup: Name Service Switch

/bin/sh: 基础服务
/usr/bin/env: 基础服务

AArch64, bootloaders: 引导设置
access control list (ACL), for substitutes: substitute服务器授权
accounts: 用户帐号
ACL (access control list), for substitutes: substitute服务器授权
actions, of Shepherd services: Shepherd服务
agate: Web服务
aliases, for email addresses: 邮件服务
aliases, for guix package: 调用guix package
ALSA: 声音服务
Android distribution: 构建系统
Android NDK build system: 构建系统
application bundle: 调用guix pack
archival of source code, Software Heritage: 调用guix lint
ARM, bootloaders: 引导设置
Audit: 其它各种服务
authentication, of a Guix checkout: 从Git构建
authentication, of channel code: 调用guix pull
authentication, of channel code: Channel Authentication
authenticity, of code obtained with guix pull: 调用guix pull
authorized keys, SSH: 网络服务
authorizing, archives: 调用guix archive
AutoSSH: 网络服务
availability of substitutes: 调用guix weather

backquote (quasiquote): 定义软件包
bag (low-level package representation): 构建系统
bash: Shells Home Services
bash: Invoking guix home
bill of materials (manifests): 书写清单
binfmt_misc: 虚拟化服务
Bioconductor: 调用guix import
BIOS boot, on Intel machines: 使用配置系统
BIOS, bootloader: 引导设置
black list, of kernel modules: 初始的内存虚拟硬盘
boot loader: 引导设置
boot menu: 引导设置
bootloader: 引导设置
bootstrap binaries: 引导
bootstrap binaries: Preparing to Use the Bootstrap Binaries
bootstrapping: 引导
bug reports, tracking: The Issue Tracker
build code quoting: G-表达式
build failures, debugging: 调试构建错误
build farm: Official Substitute Servers
build logs, access: 额外的构建选项
build logs, publication: 调用guix publish
build logs, verbosity: 普通的构建选项
build phases: 构建系统
build phases: 构建系统
build phases: Build Utilities
build phases, customizing: Build Phases
build phases, for packages: Build Phases
build phases, modifying: Build Utilities
build system: 构建系统
build-time dependencies: Derivations
bundle: 调用guix pack

cache invalidation, nscd: 基础服务
caching, in guix shell: Invoking guix shell
caching, of profiles: Invoking guix shell
CalDAV: 邮件服务
CardDAV: 邮件服务
Cargo (Rust build system): 构建系统
cat-avatar-generator: Web服务
CD image format: 调用guix system
certificates: 调用guix environment
Cgit service: 版本控制服务
challenge: 调用guix challenge
channel authorizations: Specifying Channel Authorizations
channel introduction: Specifying Channel Authorizations
channel news: 调用guix pull
channels: 通道
channels, for personal packages: 创建一个频道
channels.scm, configuration file: 调用guix pull
channels.scm, configuration file: 通道
childhurd: 虚拟化服务
childhurd, offloading: 虚拟化服务
chroot: 设置构建环境
chroot: 调用guix-daemon
chroot, guix system: System Troubleshooting Tips
chrooting, guix system: System Troubleshooting Tips
Clojure (programming language): 构建系统
closure: 调用guix gc
closure: 调用guix size
closure: 调用guix size
clusters, daemon setup: 调用guix-daemon
clusters, daemon setup: 仓库
code staging: Build Phases
code staging: G-表达式
colliding packages in profiles: 调用guix package
collisions, in a profile: 调用guix package
comma (unquote): 定义软件包
commit access, for developers: 提交权利
complex configurations: Complex Configurations
composition of Guix revisions: Inferiors
Compressed RAM-based block devices: Linux Services
compressed swap: Linux Services
configuration file for channels: 调用guix pull
configuration file for channels: 通道
configuration file, of a shepherd service: 服务
configuration file, of Shepherd services: Shepherd服务
configuration of guix pull: 通道
configuration, action for shepherd services: 服务
Connman: Networking Setup
container, for guix home: Declaring the Home Environment
container, for guix home: Invoking guix home
ContentDB: 调用guix import
continuous integration: 软件包转换选项
continuous integration: 持续集成
continuous integration, statistics: 调用guix weather
copy, of store items, over SSH: 调用guix copy
corruption, recovering from: 调用guix gc
corruption, recovering from: 额外的构建选项
cover letter: 发送补丁系列
CPAN: 调用guix import
CPU frequency scaling with thermald: 电源管理服务
CRAN: 调用guix import
crate: 调用guix import
Creating system images in various formats: 调用guix system
creating virtual machine images: 调用guix system
cron: 执行计划任务
cron: Mcron Home Service
cross compilation: G-表达式
cross compilation, package dependencies: 软件包引用
cross-compilation: 调用guix pack
cross-compilation: 定义软件包
cross-compilation: 额外的构建选项
CTAN: 调用guix import
customization, of services: 使用配置系统
customizing packages: Defining Package Variants
CVE, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures: 调用guix lint

daemon, cluster setup: 调用guix-daemon
daemon, cluster setup: 仓库
daemon, remote access: 调用guix-daemon
daemon, remote access: 仓库
daemons: 合成服务
DAG: 调用guix graph
darkstat: 监控服务
database: 数据库服务
ddclient: DNS服务
Debbugs usertags: Debbugs Usertags
Debbugs, issue tracking system: The Issue Tracker
Debbugs, Mumi Web interface: Web服务
debugging files: 安装调试文件
debugging info, rebuilding: 软件包转换选项
debugging info, rebuilding: Rebuilding Debug Info
deleting home generations: Invoking guix home
deleting system generations: 调用guix system
dependencies, build-time: Derivations
dependencies, channels: Declaring Channel Dependencies
dependencies, run-time: Derivations
dependency graph rewriting: Defining Package Variants
derivation: 调用guix gc
derivation: 编程接口
derivation path: Derivations
derivations: Derivations
determinism, checking: 额外的构建选项
development environments: Invoking guix shell
development inputs, of a package: 软件包引用
device mapping: 映射的设备
DHCP: 键盘布局、网络和分区
DHCP, networking service: Networking Setup
dhtproxy, for use with jami: 网络服务
dictionary: 其它各种服务
digital signatures: 验证substitute
disk encryption: 映射的设备
disk space: 调用guix gc
display manager, lightdm: X窗口
DNS (domain name system): DNS服务
Docker: 其它各种服务
Docker, build an image with guix pack: 调用guix pack
docker-image, creating docker images: 调用guix system
documentation: 有多个输出的软件包
documentation: 更新Guix软件包
documentation, searching for: 文档
domain name system (DNS): DNS服务
downgrade attacks, protection against: 调用guix pull
downloading package sources: 调用guix download
dual boot: 引导设置
DVD image format: 调用guix system

early out of memory daemon: Linux Services
earlyoom: Linux Services
editing, service type definition: 调用guix system
editing, service type definition: Invoking guix home
EFI boot: 使用配置系统
EFI, bootloader: 引导设置
EFI, installation: 键盘布局、网络和分区
egg: 调用guix import
elisp, packaging: Emacs Packages
elm: 调用guix import
Elm: Elm Packages
elpa: 调用guix import
emacs: 设置应用程序
emacs, packaging: Emacs Packages
email: 邮件服务
email aliases: 邮件服务
emulation: 虚拟化服务
emulation: 虚拟化服务
encrypted disk: 键盘布局、网络和分区
encrypted disk: 使用配置系统
entry point, for Docker images: 调用guix pack
env, in /usr/bin: 基础服务
environment variables: Essential Home Services
environment, package build environment: Invoking guix shell
error strategy: 调用guix system
ESP, EFI system partition: 键盘布局、网络和分区
essential services: 操作系统参考
exporting files from the store: 调用guix archive
exporting store items: 调用guix archive
extending the package collection (channels): Specifying Additional Channels
extensions, for gexps: G-表达式

Fail2Ban: 其它各种服务
fastcgi: Web服务
fc-cache: 设置应用程序
fcgiwrap: Web服务
FHS (file system hierarchy standard): Invoking guix shell
file system hierarchy standard (FHS): Invoking guix shell
file, searching: Build Utilities
file-like objects: G-表达式
fingerprint: 其它各种服务
firmware: 操作系统参考
fixed-output derivations: Derivations
fixed-output derivations, for download: origin参考手册
font cache: 设置应用程序
foreign architectures: 交叉编译
format conventions: Invoking guix style
format, code style: Invoking guix style

G-expression: G-表达式
ganeti: 虚拟化服务
garbage collector: 调用guix gc
garbage collector root, for environments: Invoking guix shell
garbage collector root, for environments: 调用guix environment
garbage collector root, for packs: 调用guix pack
garbage collector roots, adding: 额外的构建选项
GC roots, adding: 额外的构建选项
GCC: The GCC toolchain
GC根: 调用guix-daemon
GC根: 调用guix gc
GDM: X窗口
gem: 调用guix import
generations: 调用guix package
generations: 调用guix package
generations: 调用guix pull
generations: 调用guix system
git configuration: 配置Git
git format-patch: 配置Git
git format-patch: 发送补丁系列
git send-email: 配置Git
git send-email: 发送补丁系列
Git, forge: 版本控制服务
Git, hosting: 版本控制服务
Git, using the latest commit: 软件包转换选项
Git, web interface: 版本控制服务
Gitile service: 版本控制服务
Gitolite service: 版本控制服务
global security system: 网络文件系统
gmnisrv: Web服务
GNOME, login manager: X窗口
GNU Build System: 定义软件包
GNU Mailutils IMAP4 Daemon: 邮件服务
go: 调用guix import
gpm: 基础服务
grafts: 安全更新
groups: 用户帐号
groups: 用户帐号
GSS: 网络文件系统
GSSD: 网络文件系统
guix archive: 调用guix archive
guix build: 调用guix build
guix challenge: 调用guix challenge
guix container: 调用guix container
guix copy: 调用guix copy
guix deploy: 调用 guix deploy
guix describe: 调用guix describe
guix download: 调用guix download
guix edit: 调用guix edit。
guix environment: Invoking guix shell
guix environment: 调用guix environment
guix gc: 调用guix gc
guix git authenticate: 调用guix git授权
guix graph: 调用guix graph
guix hash: 调用guix hash
guix home: Invoking guix home
guix lint: 调用guix lint
guix pack: 调用guix pack
guix package: 调用guix package
guix processes: 调用guix processes
guix publish: 调用guix publish
guix pull: 调用guix pull
guix pull for the root user, on a foreign distro: Upgrading Guix
guix pull, configuration file: 通道
guix refresh: 调用guix refresh
guix repl: 调用guix repl
guix shell: Invoking guix shell
guix size: 调用guix size
guix style: Invoking guix style
guix system: 调用guix system
guix system troubleshooting: 构建安装镜像
Guix System, installation: 系统安装
guix time-machine: Invoking guix time-machine
guix weather: 调用guix weather
guix-daemon: 调用guix-daemon
GuixSD,现在称为Guix系统: 介绍
Guix系统: 介绍
Guix系统: GNU发行版
Guix系统发行版,现在称为Guix系统: 介绍

hackage: 调用guix import
hardware support on Guix System: 硬件的考虑
HDPI: 引导设置
HDPI: 调用guix system
hexpm: 调用guix import
hidden service: 网络服务
HiDPI: 引导设置
HiDPI: 调用guix system
home configuration: Home Configuration
home generations: Invoking guix home
home services: Home Services
hostapd service, for Wi-Fi access points: 网络服务
hosts file: 操作系统参考
hpcguix-web: Web服务
HTTP: Web服务
HTTP proxy, for guix-daemon: 基础服务
HTTPS, certificates: X.509证书
hurd: 操作系统参考
hurd: 虚拟化服务
Hurd, offloading: 虚拟化服务

i18n: 撰写文档
idmapd: 网络文件系统
image, creating disk images: 调用guix system
IMAP: 邮件服务
implicit inputs, of a package: 软件包引用
imported modules, for gexps: G-表达式
importing files to the store: 调用guix archive
importing packages: 调用guix import
incompatibility, of locale data: 区域
inetd: 网络服务
inferior packages: Inferiors
inferior packages: Inferiors
inferiors: Inferiors
inferiors: 调用guix repl
Info, documentation format: 文档
inherit, for package definitions: Defining Package Variants
init system: Shepherd服务
initial RAM disk: 操作系统参考
initial RAM disk: 初始的内存虚拟硬盘
initial RAM disk: 初始的内存虚拟硬盘
initrd: 操作系统参考
initrd: 初始的内存虚拟硬盘
initrd: 初始的内存虚拟硬盘
input rewriting: Defining Package Variants
inputattach: 其它各种服务
inputs, of packages: 软件包引用
insert or update copyright: 完美的配置
installation image: 构建安装镜像
installing Guix System: 系统安装
installing over SSH: 键盘布局、网络和分区
installing packages: 调用guix package
integrity checking: 调用guix gc
integrity, of the store: 调用guix gc
interactive shell: Shells Home Services
interactive use: Using Guix Interactively
invalid store items: 仓库
Invoking guix import: 调用guix import
invoking programs, from Scheme: Build Utilities
IPFS: 网络服务
iptables: 网络服务
IRC (Internet Relay Chat): 消息服务
IRC (Internet Relay Chat): 消息服务
IRC gateway: 消息服务
ISO-9660 format: 调用guix system
issue tracking: The Issue Tracker

jabber: 消息服务
jackd: 基础服务
jami, service: 电话服务
java: Java包
JSON: 调用guix describe
JSON, import: 调用guix import

keepalived: 网络服务
Kerberos: Kerberos服务
kernel module loader: Linux Services
keyboard layout: 键盘布局、网络和分区
keyboard layout: 键盘布局
keyboard layout, configuration: 键盘布局
keyboard layout, definition: 键盘布局
keyboard layout, for the bootloader: 引导设置
keyboard layout, for Xorg: X窗口
keymap: 键盘布局
keymap, for Xorg: X窗口

l10n: 撰写文档
latest commit, building: 软件包转换选项
LaTeX packages: Using TeX and LaTeX
ld-wrapper: The GCC toolchain
LDAP: LDAP Services
legacy boot, on Intel machines: 使用配置系统
Let’s Encrypt: 证书服务
license, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU自由文档许可证
license, of packages: 软件包引用
lightdm, graphical login manager: X窗口
linker wrapper: The GCC toolchain
lint, code style: Invoking guix style
lirc: 其它各种服务
locale: 区域
locale definition: 区域
locale name: 区域
locales, when not on Guix System: 设置应用程序
lock files: Replicating Guix
log rotation: 日志轮替
logging: 基础服务
logging: 日志轮替
logging, anonymization: 日志轮替
login manager: X窗口
login manager: X窗口
login shell: Shells Home Services
loopback device: Networking Setup
lowering, of high-level objects in gexps: G-表达式
lowering, of high-level objects in gexps: G-表达式
LUKS: 映射的设备
LVM, logical volume manager: 映射的设备

M-x copyright-update: 完美的配置
M-x guix-copyright: 完美的配置
mail: 邮件服务
mail transfer agent (MTA): 邮件服务
man pages: 文档
manifest: 书写清单
manifest, exporting: 调用guix package
manifest, exporting: Invoking guix shell
manual pages: 文档
mapped devices: 映射的设备
mcron: 执行计划任务
mcron: Mcron Home Service
message of the day: 基础服务
messaging: 消息服务
meta-data, channels: Declaring Channel Dependencies
minetest: 调用guix import
ModemManager: Networking Setup
Modeswitching: Networking Setup
modprobe: Linux Services
module closure: G-表达式
module, black-listing: 初始的内存虚拟硬盘
monad: 仓库monad
monadic functions: 仓库monad
monadic values: 仓库monad
mouse: 基础服务
mpd: 音频服务
MTA (mail transfer agent): 邮件服务
multiple-output packages: 有多个输出的软件包
Mumble: 电话服务
Mumi, Debbugs Web interface: Web服务
Murmur: 电话服务

name mapper: 网络文件系统
name service cache daemon: 基础服务
name service caching daemon (nscd): 设置应用程序
name service switch: Name Service Switch
name service switch, glibc: 设置应用程序
nar bundle, archive format: 调用guix archive
nar, archive format: 调用guix archive
native language support: 撰写文档
Network information service (NIS): 设置应用程序
network interface controller (NIC): Networking Setup
networking, with QEMU: Networking Setup
NetworkManager: Networking Setup
news, for channels: Writing Channel News
NFS: 网络文件系统
NFS, server: 网络文件系统
nftables: 网络服务
NIC, networking interface controller: Networking Setup
NIS (Network information service): 设置应用程序
Nix: 其它各种服务
nofile: 基础服务
non-determinism, in package builds: 调用guix challenge
normalized archive (nar): 调用guix archive
normalized codeset in locale names: 区域
nscd: 基础服务
nscd (name service caching daemon): 设置应用程序
nscd, cache invalidation: 基础服务
nslcd, LDAP service: LDAP Services
NSS: Name Service Switch
NSS (name service switch), glibc: 设置应用程序
nss-certs: 设置应用程序
nss-certs: X.509证书
nss-mdns: Name Service Switch
nsswitch.conf: 设置应用程序
NTP (Network Time Protocol), service: 网络服务
ntpd, service for the Network Time Protocol daemon: 网络服务

OCaml: 调用guix import
on-error: 调用guix system
on-error strategy: 调用guix system
one-shot services, for the Shepherd: Shepherd服务
oom: Linux Services
OPAM: 调用guix import
open file descriptors: 基础服务
opendht, distributed hash table network service: 网络服务
OpenNTPD: 网络服务
OpenPGP, signed commits: 提交权利
optimization, of package code: 软件包转换选项
out of memory killer: Linux Services
outputs: 有多个输出的软件包

pack: 调用guix pack
package building: 调用guix build
package conversion: 调用guix import
package definition, editing: 调用guix edit。
package dependencies: 调用guix gc
package dependencies: 调用guix graph
package import: 调用guix import
package installation: 调用guix package
package module search path: 软件包模块
package multi-versioning: 软件包转换选项
package outputs: 有多个输出的软件包
package removal: 调用guix package
package size: 调用guix size
package transformations: Defining Package Variants
package transformations, upgrades: 调用guix package
package variants: 软件包转换选项
package, checking for errors: 调用guix lint
packages: 软件包管理
PAM: 操作系统参考
pam-krb5: Kerberos服务
pam-mount: PAM Mount Service
password, for user accounts: 用户帐号
patch submissions, tracking: The Issue Tracker
patches: 定义软件包
Patchwork: Web服务
pattern matching: 数据类型和模式匹配
pcscd: 其它各种服务
performance, tuning code: 软件包转换选项
perl: Perl模块
persistent environment: Invoking guix shell
persistent environment: 调用guix environment
personal packages (channels): 创建一个频道
php-fpm: Web服务
PID 1: Shepherd服务
pinning, channel revisions of a profile: 调用guix package
pinning, channels: Invoking guix time-machine
pinning, channels: Replicating Guix
pipefs: 网络文件系统
Platform Reliability, Availability and Serviceability daemon: Linux Services
pluggable authentication modules: 操作系统参考
POP: 邮件服务
postgis: 数据库服务
postgresql extension-packages: 数据库服务
power management: Power Management Home Services
power management with TLP: 电源管理服务
pre-built binaries: substitutes
primary URL, channels: Primary URL
printer support with CUPS: 打印服务
priority: 基础服务
profile: 入门
profile: 调用guix package
profile: 调用guix package
profile collisions: 调用guix package
profile declaration: 调用guix package
profile manifest: 调用guix package
profile, choosing: 调用guix package
program invocation, from Scheme: Build Utilities
program wrappers: Build Utilities
prometheus-node-exporter: 监控服务
propagated inputs: 调用guix package
provenance tracking, of software artifacts: 功能
provenance tracking, of the home environment: Invoking guix home
provenance tracking, of the operating system: 调用guix system
provenance tracking, of the operating system: 调用guix system
provenance tracking, of the operating system: 服务参考
proxy, during system installation: 键盘布局、网络和分区
proxy, for guix-daemon HTTP access: 基础服务
pull: 调用guix pull
PulseAudio, sound support: 声音服务
pypi: 调用guix import
python: Python模块
Python软件包的输入: Python模块

QEMU: 在虚拟机里运行Guix
QEMU, networking: Networking Setup
quote: 定义软件包
quoting: 定义软件包

rasdaemon: Linux Services
read-eval-print loop: 在安装之前运行Guix
real time clock: 网络服务
realm, kerberos: Kerberos服务
realtime: 基础服务
references: Derivations
relocatable binaries: 调用guix pack
relocatable binaries, with guix pack: 调用guix pack
remote access to the daemon: 调用guix-daemon
remote access to the daemon: 仓库
remote build: 持续集成
removing packages: 调用guix package
repairing GRUB, via chroot: System Troubleshooting Tips
repairing store items: 额外的构建选项
repairing the store: 调用guix gc
REPL: 在安装之前运行Guix
REPL, read-eval-print loop: Using Guix Interactively
REPL, read-eval-print loop, script: 调用guix repl
replacements of packages, for grafts: 安全更新
replicating Guix: Invoking guix time-machine
replicating Guix: 调用guix describe
replicating Guix: Replicating Guix
replication, of software environments: 功能
reproducibility: 功能
reproducibility: 调用guix describe
reproducibility, checking: 额外的构建选项
reproducibility, of Guix: Invoking guix time-machine
reproducibility, of Guix: Replicating Guix
reproducible build environments: Invoking guix shell
resolution: 引导设置
resolution: 调用guix system
reverting commits: 提交权利
roll-back, of the operating system: 使用配置系统
rolling back: 调用guix package
rolling back: 调用guix pull
rolling back: 调用guix system
rolling back: Invoking guix home
rottlog: 日志轮替
rpcbind: 网络文件系统
rpc_pipefs: 网络文件系统
rshiny: 其它各种服务
run-time dependencies: Derivations
RUNPATH, validation: 构建系统
RUNPATH, validation: Build Phases
rust: Rust Crates
Rust programming language: 构建系统
RYF, Respects Your Freedom: 硬件的考虑

Samba: Samba Services
saving space: 调用guix system
saving space: Invoking guix home
scanner access: 桌面服务
scheduling jobs: 执行计划任务
scheduling jobs: Mcron Home Service
Scheme programming language, getting started: 定义软件包
search path: Search Paths
search paths: 调用guix package
search paths: 调用guix package
searching for documentation: 文档
searching for packages: 调用guix package
secure shell client, configuration: Secure Shell
security: substitute服务器授权
security updates: 安全更新
security vulnerabilities: 调用guix lint
security vulnerabilities: 安全更新
security, guix pull: 调用guix pull
SELinux,后台进程策略: SELinux的支持
SELinux,安装策略: SELinux的支持
SELinux,限制: SELinux的支持
service extension graph, of a home environment: Invoking guix home
service extensions: 合成服务
service type: 服务参考
service type definition, editing: 调用guix system
service type definition, editing: Invoking guix home
service types: 合成服务
services: 使用配置系统
services: 合成服务
session limits: 基础服务
session types: X窗口
setgid programs: setuid程序
setuid programs: setuid程序
sh, in /bin: 基础服务
sharing store items across machines: 调用guix copy
shell: Shells Home Services
shell: Invoking guix home
shell-profile: Invoking guix home
Shepherd dependency graph, for a home environment: Invoking guix home
shepherd services: Shepherd服务
shepherd services, for users: Shepherd Home Service
shortest path, between packages: 调用guix graph
signing, archives: 调用guix archive
SIMD support: 软件包转换选项
simple Clojure build system: 构建系统
Singularity, build an image with guix pack: 调用guix pack
Singularity, container service: 其它各种服务
size: 调用guix size
SMB: Samba Services
SMTP: 邮件服务
snippets, when to use: Snippets versus Phases
socket activation, for guix publish: 调用guix publish
socket activation, for guix-daemon: 调用guix-daemon
software bundle: 调用guix pack
software development: 开发
Software Heritage, source code archive: 调用guix lint
sound support: 声音服务
source, verification: 额外的构建选项
spice: 其它各种服务
SQL: 数据库服务
SquashFS, build an image with guix pack: 调用guix pack
SSH: 网络服务
SSH: 网络服务
SSH: 在虚拟机里运行Guix
SSH access to build daemons: 仓库
SSH authorized keys: 网络服务
SSH client, configuration: Secure Shell
SSH server: 网络服务
SSH server: 网络服务
SSH server: 在虚拟机里运行Guix
SSH, copy of store items: 调用guix copy
stackage: 调用guix import
staging, of code: Build Phases
staging, of code: G-表达式
state monad: 仓库monad
statistics, for substitutes: 调用guix weather
store items: 仓库
store paths: 仓库
strata of code: G-表达式
styling rules: Invoking guix style
subdirectory, channels: Package Modules in a Sub-directory
substitute availability: 调用guix weather
substitute servers, adding more: Getting Substitutes from Other Servers
substitutes: 调用guix-daemon
substitutes: 功能
substitutes: substitutes
substitutes: 打包指导
substitutes, how to disable: substitute服务器授权
substitutes,对其授权: 二进制文件安装
substitutes,对其授权: substitute服务器授权
substitutes,对其授权: 基础服务
sudo vs. guix pull: 系统安装之后
sudoers file: 操作系统参考
swap devices: 操作系统参考
swap encryption: 映射的设备
swap space: Swap Space
symbolic links, guix shell: Invoking guix shell
syncthing: 网络服务
sysctl: 其它各种服务
syslog: 基础服务
syslog: 基础服务
system configuration: 系统配置
system images: System Images
System images, creation in various formats: 调用guix system
system service: 合成服务
system services: 服务

tablet input, for Xorg: 其它各种服务
teams: 发送补丁系列
teams: Teams
telephony, services: 电话服务
test suite, skipping: 软件包转换选项
TeX Live: 调用guix import
TeX packages: Using TeX and LaTeX
the Hurd: 虚拟化服务
thermald: 电源管理服务
tlp: 电源管理服务
TLS: X.509证书
TLS certificates: 证书服务
tool chain, changing the build tool chain of a package: 软件包转换选项
tool chain, choosing a package’s tool chain: 软件包引用
toolchain, for C development: The GCC toolchain
toolchain, for Fortran development: The GCC toolchain
Tor: 网络服务
touchscreen input, for Xorg: 其它各种服务
transactions: 功能
transactions: 调用guix package
transactions, undoing: 调用guix package
transactions, undoing: 调用guix pull
transferring store items across machines: 调用guix copy
translation: 撰写文档
troubleshooting, guix system: 构建安装镜像
trust, of pre-built binaries: 关于信任二进制文件
tunable packages: 软件包转换选项
tuning, of package code: 软件包转换选项

UEFI boot: 使用配置系统
UEFI, bootloader: 引导设置
UEFI, installation: 键盘布局、网络和分区
ulimit: 基础服务
unattended upgrades: Unattended Upgrades
undoing transactions: 调用guix package
undoing transactions: 调用guix pull
update-guix-package, updating the guix package: 更新Guix软件包
updating Guix: 调用guix pull
upgrades, unattended: Unattended Upgrades
upgrading Guix: 调用guix pull
upgrading Guix for the root user, on a foreign distro: Upgrading Guix
Upgrading Guix, on a foreign distro: Upgrading Guix
upgrading packages: 调用guix package
upgrading the Guix daemon, on a foreign distro: Upgrading Guix
upstream, latest version: 软件包转换选项
USB_ModeSwitch: Networking Setup
user accounts: 用户帐号
users: 用户帐号
usertags, for debbugs: Debbugs Usertags

vacuum the store database: 调用guix gc
variant packages (channels): Specifying Additional Channels
variants, of packages: Defining Package Variants
Varnish: Web服务
verbosity, of the command-line tools: 普通的构建选项
verifiable builds: 调用guix challenge
Vim,编辑Scheme代码: 格式化代码
virtual machine: 调用guix system
virtual machine: 在虚拟机里运行Guix
virtual machine, Guix System installation: 在虚拟机里安装 Guix
virtual private network (VPN): VPN服务
virtual private server (VPS): 在虚拟机里安装 Guix
VM: 调用guix system
VNC (virtual network computing): VNC Services
VoIP server: 电话服务
VPN (virtual private network): VPN服务
VPS (virtual private server): 在虚拟机里安装 Guix

weather, substitute availability: 调用guix weather
web: Web服务
Web: 证书服务
WebSSH: 网络服务
wesnothd: 游戏服务
Wi-Fi access points, hostapd service: 网络服务
WiFi: 键盘布局、网络和分区
WiFi, hardware support: 硬件的考虑
window manager: X窗口
wireless: 键盘布局、网络和分区
WPA Supplicant: Networking Setup
wrapping programs: Build Utilities
wsdd, Web service discovery daemon: Samba Services
www: Web服务

X Window System: X窗口
X.509 certificates: X.509证书
X11: X窗口
X11 login: X窗口
XDMCP (x display manager control protocol): VNC Services
XKB, keyboard layouts: 键盘布局
xlsfonts: 设置应用程序
XMPP: 消息服务
Xorg, configuration: X窗口
xterm: 设置应用程序

zabbix zabbix-agent: 监控服务
zabbix zabbix-front-end: 监控服务
zabbix zabbix-server: 监控服务
zram: Linux Services
zsh: Shells Home Services
zsh: Invoking guix home

下发: 下发工作给后台进程的设置
下发: 调用guix-daemon
下发测试: 下发工作给后台进程的设置
下发状态: 下发工作给后台进程的设置
下载Guix二进制文件: 二进制文件安装

仓库: 以Guix的方式管理软件
仓库: 仓库

代码格式化: 格式化代码
代码片段: 完美的配置
代码缩进: 格式化代码
代码风格: 格式化代码

减少样板: 完美的配置

函数式包管理器: 以Guix的方式管理软件

分支策略: 提交补丁

别的发行版: 安装
别的发行版: 设置应用程序

去重: 调用guix-daemon
去重: 调用guix gc

发行版的扩展性: 以Guix的方式管理软件

可复现的构建: 调用guix-daemon
可复现的构建: 功能
可复现的构建: 验证substitute
可复现的构建: 调用guix challenge

后台进程: 设置后台进程

和foreign distro相关的文件夹: 安装

垃圾收集的根: 调用guix-daemon
垃圾收集的根: 调用guix gc

字体: 设置应用程序
字体: 字体

安全,guix-daemon: SELinux的支持
安装Guix: 安装
安装脚本: 二进制文件安装

官方网站: 需求

定制软件包: 以Guix的方式管理软件
定制软件包: 软件包模块

容器: Invoking guix shell
容器: 调用guix environment
容器: 调用guix environment
容器: 调用guix container
容器,构建环境: 调用guix-daemon

强制访问控制,SELinux: SELinux的支持

归档: 调用guix archive

构建: 提交补丁
构建后台进程: 以Guix的方式管理软件
构建环境: 设置构建环境
构建环境: 调用guix-daemon
构建用户: 设置构建环境
构建过程的确定性: 提交补丁
构建钩子: 下发工作给后台进程的设置

格式化代码: 格式化代码

检查可复现的构建: 提交补丁

模板: 完美的配置

测试套件: 运行测试套件

状态文件夹: 需求

用二进制文件安装Guix: 二进制文件安装
用于版本控制快照的版本号: 版本号
用户界面: 以Guix的方式管理软件

目的: 介绍

秘密,Knot服务。: DNS服务

自由软件: 软件自由

行为准则和贡献者: 贡献

补丁系列: 发送补丁系列

贡献者契约: 贡献

软件包, 创建: 打包指导
软件包名字: 软件包命名
软件包描述: 简介和描述
软件包描述里的Texinfo标记: 简介和描述
软件包版本: 版本号
软件包简介: 简介和描述

重新构建的调度策略: 提交补丁

隔离: 以Guix的方式管理软件

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