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22.10.3 Teams

There are several teams mentoring different parts of the Guix source code. To list all those teams, you can run from a Guix checkout:

$ ./etc/teams.scm list-teams
id: mentors
name: Mentors
description: A group of mentors who chaperone contributions by newcomers.
+ Christopher Baines <>
+ Ricardo Wurmus <>
+ Mathieu Othacehe <>
+ jgart <>
+ Ludovic Courtès <>

You can run the following command to have the Mentors team put in CC of a patch series:

$ git send-email \
  --header-cmd='etc/teams.scm cc-mentors-header-cmd' *.patch

The appropriate team or teams can also be inferred from the modified files. For instance, if you want to send the two latest commits of the current Git repository to review, you can run:

$ guix shell -D guix
[env]$ git send-email -2