vifm 0.12 Flexible vi-like file manager using ncurses

Vifm is a file manager providing a vi-like usage experience. It has similar keybindings and modes (e.g. normal, command line, visual). The interface uses ncurses, thus vifm can be used in text-only environments. It supports a wide range of features, some of which are known from the vi-editor:

  1. utf8 support

  2. user mappings (almost like in vi)

  3. ranges in command

  4. line commands

  5. user defined commands (with support for ranges)

  6. registers

  7. operation undoing/redoing

  8. fuse file systems support

  9. trash

  10. multiple files renaming

  11. support of filename modifiers

  12. colorschemes support

  13. file name color according to file type

  14. path specific colorscheme customization


  16. operation backgrounding

  17. customizable file viewers

  18. handy less-like preview mode

  19. filtering out and searching for files using regular expressions

  20. one or two panes view

With the package comes a plugin to use vifm as a vim file selector.