tlf 1.4.1 Amateur radio contest logging for the terminal

TLF is a Text User Interface amateur radio contest logging program. It integrates with radios supported by hamlib and other ham radio programs like fldigi. Many contests are supported including:

  • CQWW (SO, M/S and M/M)

  • WPX (SO, M/S and M/M)

  • ARRL Sweepstakes (SO, M/S )



  • ARRL-DX (both sides)


  • ARRL 10m

  • ARRL 160m

  • Region1 field day

  • SP DX contest

  • PACC (both sides)

  • NRAU - scandinavian

  • Wysiwyg mults mode (per band or per contest)


It also supports connecting to DX clusters, log synchronization with other TLF instances over the network, and general QSO and DXpedition logging.