stress-ng 0.13.10 Load and stress-test a computer system in various ways

stress-ng stress-tests a computer system by exercising both physical subsystems as operating system kernel interfaces. It can stress the CPU, cache, disk, memory, socket and pipe I/O, scheduling, and much more, in various selectable ways. This can trip hardware issues such as thermal overruns as well as operating system bugs that occur only when a system is being thrashed hard.

You can also measure test throughput rates, which can be useful to observe performance changes across different operating system releases or types of hardware. However, stress-ng is not a benchmark. Use it with caution: some of the tests can make poorly designed hardware run dangerously hot or make the whole system lock up.

Compared to its inspiration, stress, stress-ng offers many additional options such as the number of bogo operations to run, execution metrics, verification of memory and computational operations, and considerably more stress mechanisms.