mednafen 1.27.1 Multi-system emulator utilizing OpenGL and SDL

Mednafen is a portable, utilizing OpenGL and SDL, argument-driven multi-system emulator. Mednafen has the ability to remap hotkey functions and virtual system inputs to a keyboard, a joystick, or both simultaneously. Save states are supported, as is real-time game rewinding. Screen snapshots may be taken, in the PNG file format, at the press of a button. Mednafen can record audiovisual movies in the QuickTime file format, with several different lossless codecs supported.

The following systems are supported:

  • Apple II/II+

  • Atari Lynx

  • Neo Geo Pocket (Color)

  • WonderSwan

  • GameBoy (Color)

  • GameBoy Advance

  • Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom

  • Virtual Boy

  • PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 (CD)

  • SuperGrafx

  • PC-FX

  • Sega Game Gear

  • Sega Genesis/Megadrive

  • Sega Master System

  • Sega Saturn (experimental, x86_64 only)

  • Sony PlayStation