manuskript 0.12.0 Tool for writers

Manuskript provides a rich environment to help writers create their first draft and then further refine and edit their masterpiece. With Manuskript you can:

  • Grow your premise from one sentence, to a paragraph, to a full summary,

  • Create characters,

  • Conceive plots,

  • Construct outlines (Outline mode and/or Index cards),

  • Write with focus (Distraction free mode),

  • Build worlds,

  • Track items,

  • Edit and re-organize chapters and scenes,

  • View Story line,

  • Compose with fiction or non-fiction templates and writing modes,

  • Import and export document formats such as HTML, ePub, OpenDocument, DocX, and more.

Additionally Manuskript can help in many more ways with a spell checker, markdown highlighter, frequency analyzer, and automatic save in plain text file format.