jitterentropy-rngd 1.2.7 CPU jitter random number generator daemon

This simple daemon feeds entropy from the CPU Jitter RNG core to the kernel Linux's entropy estimator. This prevents the /dev/random device from blocking and should benefit users of the preferred /dev/urandom and getrandom() interfaces too.

The CPU Jitter RNG itself is part of the kernel and claims to provide good entropy by collecting and magnifying differences in CPU execution time as measured by the high-resolution timer built into modern CPUs. It requires no additional hardware or external entropy source.

The random bit stream generated by jitterentropy-rngd is not processed by a cryptographically secure whitening function. Nonetheless, its authors believe it to be a suitable source of cryptographically secure key material or other cryptographically sensitive data.

If you agree with them, start this daemon as early as possible to provide properly seeded random numbers to services like SSH or those using TLS during early boot when entropy may be low, especially in virtualised environments.