iputils 20190709 Collection of network utilities

This package contains a variety of tools for dealing with network configuration, troubleshooting, or servers. Utilities included are:

  • arping: Ping hosts using the Address Resolution Protocol.

  • clockdiff: Compute time difference between network hosts using ICMP TSTAMP messages.

  • ninfod: Daemon that responds to IPv6 Node Information Queries.

  • ping: Use ICMP ECHO messages to measure round-trip delays and packet loss across network paths.

  • rarpd: Answer RARP requests from clients.

  • rdisc: Populate network routing tables with information from the ICMP router discovery protocol.

  • tftpd: Trivial file transfer protocol server.

  • tracepath: Trace network path to an IPv4 or IPv6 address and discover MTU along the way.