cl-spinneret 3.0-5.52709ab Common Lisp HTML5 generator

In the crowded space of Common Lisp HTML generators, Spinneret occupies the following coordinates:

  • Modern. Targets HTML5. Does not treat XML and HTML as the same problem. Assumes you will be serving your documents as UTF-8.

  • Composable. Makes it easy to refactor HTML generation into separate functions and macros.

  • Pretty. Treats HTML as a document format, not a serialization. Output is idiomatic and readable, following the coding style of the HTML5 specification.

  • Aggressive. If something can be interpreted as HTML, then it will be, meaning that some Lisp forms can't be mixed with HTML syntax. In the trade-off between 90% convenience and 10% correctness Spinneret is on the side of convenience.

  • Bilingual. Spinneret (after loading spinneret/ps) has the same semantics in Lisp and Parenscript.