cachefilesd-inotify 0.11.0 CacheFiles file system cache management daemon (using inotify)

This package provides the user space component of CacheFiles, a caching back end that uses a directory on a locally mounted file system (such as ext4) as a cache to speed up (by reducing) access to a slower file system and make it appear more reliable.

The cached file system is often a network file system such as NFS or CIFS, but can also be a local file system like ISO 9660 on a slow optical drive.

CacheFiles itself is part of the kernel but relies on this user space cachefilesd daemon to perform maintenance tasks like culling and reaping stale nodes. Only one such daemon can be running at a time, and communicates with the kernel through the /dev/cachefiles character device.

This version modifies David Howells original cachefilesd---which appears unmaintained---to use the inotify API instead of the deprecated dnotify to monitor file changes.