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16.4.2 软件包命名

A package actually has two names associated with it. First, there is the name of the Scheme variable, the one following define-public. By this name, the package can be made known in the Scheme code, for instance as input to another package. Second, there is the string in the name field of a package definition. This name is used by package management commands such as guix package and guix build.


A noteworthy exception to this rule is when the project name is only a single character, or if an older maintained project with the same name already exists—regardless of whether it has already been packaged for Guix. Use common sense to make such names unambiguous and meaningful. For example, Guix’s package for the shell called “s” upstream is s-shell and not s. Feel free to ask your fellow hackers for inspiration.

我们不给库软件包添加lib前缀,除非它是项目官方名字的一部分。但是see Python模块Perl模块有关于Python和Perl语言的特殊规则。

字体软件包的名字处理起来不同,see 字体.