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15.1 platform Reference

The platform data type describes a platform: an ISA (instruction set architecture), combined with an operating system and possibly additional system-wide settings such as the ABI (application binary interface).

Data Type: platform

This is the data type representing a platform.


This field specifies the platform’s GNU triplet as a string (see GNU configuration triplets in Autoconf).


This string is the system type as it is known to Guix and passed, for instance, to the --system option of most commands.

It usually has the form "cpu-kernel", where cpu is the target CPU and kernel the target operating system kernel.

It can be for instance "aarch64-linux" or "armhf-linux". You will encounter system types when you perform native builds (see Native Builds).

linux-architecture (default: #false)

This optional string field is only relevant if the kernel is Linux. In that case, it corresponds to the ARCH variable used when building Linux, "mips" for instance.


This field is the name of the GNU C Library dynamic linker for the corresponding system, as a string. It can be "/lib/".